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Monday, May 29, 2023: A Memorable Day

Today we took a train through the cloud forest to Aquas Calientes. This is the closest town to Machu Picchu. A native tribe gives us a sendoff with dining and dancing.
I got caught up in the action.

In the cloud forest, bromeliads thrive here as do orchids and begonias. The beautiful national bird of Perú with a weird name lives here: Cock of the Rock.

While on the train, I sat next to a Spanish speaker. He told me that he learned English by watching Friends, Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. Most of their movies have been translated in Spain. They do not like listening to them. It is like listening to someone with a lisp. Translations from Chile are the best ones. They probably check the translation before they rent a movie. They do like Casillian Spanish.

The townspeople get ready for a festival. They are all dressed in native clothing. Note the alpaca on the back of the worshipper. This is a good illustration of syncretism.
Rob and I struck a pose with the founders of the Inca Empire who came from Lake Titicaca. The Inca King in the middle is the 9th king Pachacutec, who was known as the one who built Machu Picchu.
Here is Pachacutec with a condor on his head, puma behind him and a snake at his feet. These representations give him status as god of the upper world, our world, and the lower world.
We encountered these cute frog trash cans along our hike to the hot springs.
Here are our napkins after our meal which is representative of every meal. Can you guess whose napkin belongs to whom? I am a wadder and, well, Rob is not.
We went to the hot springs which are warmed by a local volcanic action. It is full of minerals and turned my white suit orange.
Here is where we got our towels. Who is Stan anyway??

I saw a cute little cat wandering around and I said, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.” He paid no attention to me. I thought that there might be a language barrier. I asked Kati and she replied, “It’s michi, michi michi.” It worked.

Today in the USA is a day that we call Memorial Day. This holiday acknowledges those who have died in military service defending our country. People gather at the cemetery and decorate the graves of their loved ones who have passed away. There is a veteran speaker, patriotic music, flag raising ceremony, and prayers.

Additionally, we acknowledge those veterans who have died within the past year. Their names are read. There is a 21 gun salute.

On this day, my father’s name would have been called out. A dear friend, veteran, and admirer of my father made sure that his grave was decorated. He sent this picture.

Dad would always make sure that we attended a Memorial Day service. Often, he was involved in some way, most likely playing Taps. It is the official start of summer and the swimming pools open on this day. We would have our swimming suits on under our clothes.

In years past, Dad would proudly play the National Anthem at the Memorial Day service in Boulder Colorado. He will be sadly missed.

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