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Saturday, June 3, 2023: Coffee Lima Beans

Today we have a full city tour of Lima. We are excited to see some new sights. Our first stop is a trendy coffee shop called Terruá. I don’t drink coffee, but I will try to enjoy it.
César told us about the V60 filter. It creates turbulence that oxidates the coffee to give it a great balance of aroma and flavor. It was invented by the Japanese.
When the coffee goes through this filter, only a little is poured in, and it should foam at the top.

I don’t really understand the point system or grade, but to be a special coffee one needs 85 points. The highest grade is Presidential and costs between $100-$200 per pound..

When the coffee beans are harvested, they pour them into a giant water bath. The ones that float are discarded. Those coffee beans have been eaten by bugs.

Altitude, weather, and soil are factors that affect the coffee and differ by year. The weather can’t be too hot, too windy, or too rainy.

Terruá owns their own coffee plantation in the cloud forest. When the coffee is spread out to dry, it is vulnerable and attracts animals who want a quick snack.

Cesar and Kati remember having two tablespoons of instant coffee (Nescafé) every morning with their grandmas. Perú did not have a coffee culture so they are grateful for Starbucks to lead the way for specialty coffee shops.

There is an Institute of Baristas. The instructor comes to this coffee shop. He recommends his best students to work here. There is a lot of effort to grow and roast coffee, but then you need to have a good barista or all the effort is wasted. Time, weight, and temperature are important when MAKING the coffee.

César likes Espresso because it is like his wife … naturally intense and complex. Most people drink an espresso as a shot, but you should drink it slowly.

Espresso originated in Italy. It is a dark roast because they like bitter. During WWII, the CRAZY Americans would dilute it with water. A good espresso has a cream on top and lasts more than two minutes … if you can wait that long!

A cappuccino is an expresso with milk. No cappuccino is ordered after 12 noon. It’s disrespectful. A latte has more milk and is where a non coffee drinker usually starts. It is more milk than coffee.

Normally Andrea is a happy barista, but when I wanted to add sugar, she scowled at me. That is like adding sugar to wine. Well, I don’t like alcohol either. It always tastes like cough medicine to me!!

Which has more caffeine? Regular coffee or espresso or cold drip? The answer is that cold drip has the most caffeine and espresso has the least. It is the amount of time that it takes to brew. The longer it comes into contact with water, the more the caffeine. Bitterness is not related to caffeine.

It was fun but I still don’t like coffee. I don’t like when people tell me that I will get use to it. WHY??

These young girls were with a group. I asked them if they wanted to practice speaking English and I got an enthusiastic YES. After some small talk, they asked if we could take a picture!!
We had planned to cross this bridge this morning, but in the night the wall caved in. Rob and I had been here just last week.
Barranco is where there are many murals

Victor Delfín

Love Park is the site of Victor Delfín’s famous sculpture called The Kiss. Here is a copy on his back deck.
A portrait of Victor and his wife. The paintbrushes at his side are real. Victor pairs his paintings with real material such as paintbrushes and newspapers.
Julian, Victor’s son who is ten, greeted us at the gated oceanfront home. Victor’s wife Ana was 42 and he was 86 when Julian was born. They had wanted children for years, but were not able to conceive. He is their only child.
This art is enhanced by the headless humanoid figure on the left which is made out of rocks and boots. Genius!
This view inspired the artist in all of us. He often used birds, fish and horses in his creations.
Rob took this picture. That’s all I have to say about that!
I was allowed the opportunity to be photographed with the artist who is 96 years old and still creating.
Here is a photo of him in his younger days.
Even the bathroom was exquisite. How fun to be surrounded by beautiful art wherever you go … and I mean go!!
A final pose!!


Perú experienced terrorism in the 1980’s. Cocaine was at the root of it. A lot of innocent people were killed. Judges and their families were threatened so they let the criminals go. They were unstoppable. However, in 1995, they came up with a simple clever idea. The judges had their faces covered so that no one could recognize or identity them. The terrorists started to be jailed.

Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia are the biggest producers of cocaine. Peru is not a drug culture. Perúvians don’t even smoke. During breaks, they eat and talk.

Cathedral of Lima

In the cathedral there are the bones of Francisco Pissarro. Most of the men that he had with him were criminals.

Parishioners want to be buried under the church. There is only so much space so it goes to the highest bidder which is called a benefactor. People were layered eight deep and separated by a layer of quicklime and sand.

The wood is mostly cedar. Perú has a lot of cedar, but it is in the jungle so there was no way to get it to Lima. Cedar came from Panama and Nicaragua.

When these chairs folded up, one can see a little face with a flat head. These are called mercy seats since the monks must be standing to sing the chants and these heads are giving them support when they lean on them.
This band is waiting to serenade a wedding couple.

Church of San Francisco

Francis of Assisi never even knew that Perú existed, but a Franciscan church started by his followers is located here..

Gregorian chants were in Latin and sung by the choir. These books were huge so that all could be seen.

In the library, there are over 20,000 books mostly in Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese. The oldest are on the lowest level and are from the 15th to the 19th centuries.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the church, but there is a unique painting of the last supper. It has a round table and is also serving potatoes which is an effort to invite the local culture into Catholicism.

There are over 30,000 people buried in the crypts below this church. May they rest in peace.

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