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Sunday, June 4, 2023: Final Thoughts

We had to get up at 2am. I wasn’t able to sleep AT ALL. Oh well, I can sleep on the plane. Our taxi arrives at 2:30 as we need 4 hours before our 6:30 flight … sounds like overkill to me. Fortunately, we have a Priority Pass lounge card so at least we can relax in comfortable chairs and grab a bite to eat.

Speaking Spanish was really fun and people really seemed to enjoy our efforts. I don’t understand the greeting. At 2am, the desk clerk says Buenos días. REALLY? Isn’t it Buenas noches? I guess that it depends if you are just getting home or just getting up??

The hardest part for me is when I expertly craft a Spanish sentence and they come back at me with five very fast sentences. I give them a puzzled “Whoa” look. I need more processing time. Perhaps my Spanish is so good that they think that I am a native Spanish speaker. NAH!!

We get ready to board. We had to drink our bottle of water BEFORE getting on the plane. That’s new! Drink chug-a-lug!

Then, we learn that there is a three-hour delay since the oxygen mask won’t come down in one of the lavatories and needs to be repaired before we can leave. (If oxygen is needed, wouldn’t you be safely strapped into your seat? I would not like to spend that oxygen time while on the toilet!!)

Time to get comfortable!

We missed our connection. We rebooked in Miami and were on standby. In the meantime, Rob ordered a Corona beer at the Corona House which is one of the Priority Pass options. Rob planned to drink himself into a stupor!!! It’s his word for the day!

We got on the plane, but the flight was delayed by weather and eventually canceled because the Norfolk airport closed at 12:15am. We slept on the floor overnight in the Miami airport and left for Norfolk at 5:30am.

Here are a few things that we wanted to remember that didn’t make a post:

Below the Spanish word is the English translation. I like Granola and I thought that this must be a brand name. However, upon future thought, the word ola means wave and gran means big…so it makes sense. I will call it Big Wave from now on.

In the restaurants, they play covers of famous American songs and musical groups, but it sounds odd to hear a breathless female voice sing The Beatles for example.

Listen to the following Michael Jackson song:


When one uses the toilet, the toilet paper cannot be thrown into the toilet. It must be put into the trash can. We usually remember!!

Our travel group consisted of two Canadians, Arnold and Sharon. Sharon said that I was a Keener with a capital K. I had never heard of that. It is a Canadian slang word for someone who is enthusiastic and wants to learn a lot. However, when I looked it up, it said that I was a smarty pants.

Here is what our internet search came up with.

Rob was dubbed Snackmaster because he always had a little something to eat in his backpack. They were amazed how much he could eat.

Sharon told us she bought a toque (pronounced tūk) at the alpaca store. We had to inquire what that was. Canadians refer to a toque as
a close-fitting knitted hat, often with a tassel or pom-pom on the crown.

Spices that they use a lot especially in drinks are clove, cinnamon, lime sometimes anise. Maybe it is a new flavoring for Buskey cider!!

I love these flowers.

When we first got to Lima I couldn’t understand what all of the honking was about. It seemed that everyone was honking at me. Then I figured out that taxis would give a gentle beep when they drove by someone they thought might be a willing fare.

We quickly learned in Perú that cars have the right of way. Pedestrians have to be careful when crossing the street.

Well, that is the close of our trip to Perú. We knew that it was going to be awesome. Machu Picchu brought us here but there is so much more to this interesting country with so much to offer the world … especially potatoes!! Haha

Until next time…and it’s likely to be soon.

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