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Friday, June 2, 2023: Peruvian Artist

We left Cusco by plane. See the glaciers. They are rapidly disappearing due to climate change.

By evening, we were back in Lima. We had dinner with Kati in a restaurant that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. That was a real treat since we live that same distance from the Atlantic Ocean and will be going home soon.

We walked around Lima as it was a beautiful night. We strolled through Kennedy Park.

Kennedy Park is known for its large population of cats. Kati told us that it all started when nuns were observed feeding a few stray cats. Then, people were dropping off stray cats. Before long there were lots of cats. So much so, that it began to smell like a giant cat box.

The city had to step in. They started spaying and neutering. Also, they set up a cat adoption area. Now it is much better or at least manageable.

In the park there were lots of stalls selling local foods. We were mesmerized by this donut maker.

She would form the dough with one hand and flip the others that had cooked long enough with a stick. Once they are removed, they are doused with some sweet brown “sauce”. YUM

This was another sweet treat. We want to experience them all.
Here is the menu. We have had Chicha morada as a sweet drink made of purple corn. However, this chicha morada had been thickened into a pudding.
There was a free art exhibit in the municipal building. We were exited to see his work. The artist, Enrique Galdos Rivas is 86 years old and has had a prolific career.
It turns out that the artist himself was giving a talk to aspiring artists. He asked if we wanted to have a picture taken with him!! Sure!!

Goldas, as he signs his name, asked where we were from. We told him USA. He asked if we were from NYC because we were so tall like the buildings there!! Haha!

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