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Friday, October 4: Day 165 – Oasis

Beach Baby!! We check in to get our towels, and they give us a little cooler with ice and cold water bottles!! The activity director announced that there would be a water volleyball match starting in ten minutes. I’m in. Even though I was twice their age, I at least knew the rules, such as hit don’t catch and throw the ball, hit it once, etc. Time for lunch. Sadly, it was in the bong zone!! They even have a “shisha” man who keeps the bongs stoked!! We decided to do a little sightseeing. Aqaba boasts the first known purpose-built church. Prior to this time people met in homes. This made me wonder: if this is the first church building, how did they decide the plan…is the basis of the structure similar to a pagan temple? And we decide to go to the bar to listen to some Arabic music and watch a belly dancer! She was very good. We had very comfortable seats but, unfortunately, not good for viewing her performance. Rob kept saying, “Where did she go??” I captured the essence of that question in the following video:

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