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Monday, October 14: Day 175 – Pilgrim’s Progress

We are on a pilgrimage. We are making progress!! Every person is on a pilgrimage whether they are aware of it or not! Life is a pilgrimage.

This was our last day in Jordan, but we had a late flight so we did some last minute sightseeing in Amman. We went to the Blue Mosque. (Friday is for prayers at the mosque and family gatherings with meals. Saturday might include a planned activity.)

I had to wear a special robe.

We waited until the prayers were over. Marwan explained some of the activities that take place in the mosque. We had to remove our shoes. The carpet had great springy padding.

Here are the times for the prayers.

There are five times for prayers. I counted six, but Marawan said that the first time is just to wake up and get ready which means washing.

The calendar date of 1441 comes from the time of Mohammad instead of Jesus. That makes sense for the mosque, but, of course, they use the Gregorian calendar for non-mosque dates.

Woman have a separate building that is nearby. There is a monitor at the front that broadcasts what the Iman is saying to the men. Marwan isn’t allowed to see my photos so I won’t post them here.

Hijab is the covering that a Muslim woman wears. Niqab is the black robes with only the eyes showing that is not a part of Muslim belief but is worn by Saudi women required by their husbands. Jordan has three border crossings with Saudi Arabia.

Marwan has been to Mecca. Everyone is supposed to go once in their lifetime if they have the means. They prioritize the issuing of visas to older men. Only men go to Mecca.

Across the street is a Coptic Church. Marwan said that there is often a church and other faith houses near mosques. This is acceptable as long as the “religion” is peaceful.

We had to ring a bell to enter the gate of the Coptic Church.

The custodian, Michael, let us in. They are greatly persecuted in Egypt so they are careful. Many from Egypt have fled to Jordan.

The Coptics have preserved their ancient language, and it is spoken in their services. Their language was the key that broke the code of understanding Egyptian heiroglyphics. When the Rosetta Stone was found, there were three languages on it. Greek, Coptic and Egyptian heiroglyphics. They said the same thing. Cleopatra’s name was in a cartouche in all three which was the key. Coptic is basically Egyptian written in Greek letters!!

The colored glass windows were more painted rather than stain glass. Michael said that everyone takes a picture of this one: Jesus, the Alpha and Omega.

This painted glass was most unusual. It had something to do with Jesus appearing on the mountain and his older friend was not able to climb so he brought Jesus to him. This is the ultimate evangelism!!

Konafa traditional Jordanian dessert, originally came from Palestine. It is made of goat cheese, margarine, sugar, pistachio, and massa, and it is served warm.

We said goodbye to Marwan. We made a video of our greeting and goodbye routine.

Before we leave Jordan, I wanted to show you some funny pictures.

A mini giant!!

A beautiful mosiac with misspelled birthday greetings.

Taken from the plane here is a picture of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We are off to countries unknown to us. We are excited and nervous!!

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