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Friday, May 17: Day 25 – Snow in Segovia??

We arrived in Segovia to find snow on nearby Penalara moutain, and the temperature here is 55 degrees. What a change from the 90 degree weather in southern Spain! This is supposed to be a warm weather trip for us. Now we’re wearing stocking caps and most of the layers of clothing that we brought.

Segovia is a charming walled city about 60 miles northwest of Madrid. The bus from the train station to the old city dropped us off at the aqueduct. More about the aqueduct tomorrow.

After a dinner of the local delicacy, suckling pig, we took a night tour of the amazing Segovia Santa Maria Cathedral known as the “Lady of All Cathedrals.”

Built in the mid 1500’s, this massive mostly gothic cathedral has 167 pinnacles. 22 chapels stand around the inside perimeter of the church. Can you find Brenda in the photo above?

Then we climbed the 185 steps of the bell tower.  The night views of the cathedral and surrounding area were breathtaking.

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