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Sunday, May 26: Day 34 – Grow Where You’re Planted

We had a hard time finding Iglesia Evangelica Encuentro con Dios in San Sebastian. When we arrived at the church address posted on Google maps ten minutes early, all was dark with no sign of life. I went to the web and noticed that the location was different but only 3 minutes away. That address brought us to a large basketball gym where parents had gathered to watch a girls against the boys game. We watched long enough to see a great rebound by a boy who put it back up for a basket. Tragically it was the girls’ goal. What cheering and jeering! Will he ever live it down??

I finally showed my phone to a local where we were trying to go. Even she had to ask. It was through the gym, by the soccer match and into an auditorium.

This was the largest gathering to date. It was also the loudest. I wondered if God likes soft reverent music or loud exuberant music? I am sure that he likes all that is done to glorify Him. He invented music!!

This church even had dancers. They danced as we sang. It was like a celebration.

No one spoke English but I understood the lady behind us to inform us that she is the mother of the pastor.

We are obviously visitors and they gave us welcome gifts.

We greeted each other. They never have a problem understanding Brenda but they have to say Rob over many times and never quite master it. He is thinking about introducing himself as Roberto.

All Bible verses were posted on the big screen in Spanish and French. I thought that it was odd that there was no Basque. There certainly was room.

I am not sure that I understood all the words that the pastor said. But then again, do any of us understand all that the pastor says, even when when it is in our mother language?

I believe that the pastor was talking about the upcoming European elections. He laughed that the candidates want you to know the kind of person that they are. They tell you about their pets, what kind of music that they listen to, etc. Does that matter or even make them a good leader? Each leader should try his best to follow the example of the best human leader that has ever lived, JESUS the CHRIST.

Here were some of the verses that he cited:

  • Don’t be greedy, immoral or impure. Eph 5:18
  • Be imitators of God. Eph 5:1
  • Don’t put your trust in man. Jer 17:5
  • Walk in a manner worthy of your calling. Eph 4:1
  • Be a slave to no one. Gal 5:1
  • Walk in the Spirit. Gal 5:16
  • Let Christ live in you. Gal 2:20
  • Help the poor, captive, blind and oppressed. Luke 4:18-19
  • Don’t seek revenge on anyone. Rm 12:19
  • Pray for those who mistreat you. Luke 6:28
  • Lighten the load of the weary and burdened. Mt 11:28

I am not sure what he was saying but these verses filled in the spaces and I sure got a lot out of the message. However, I mostly heard from God. Isn’t that a perfect church service?

The greatest sermons are mostly scripture. A pastor’s words are rarely remembered but the Word of God is forever.

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