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Tuesday, May 14: Day 22 – Day Trip to the U.K.

Yes, it’s true. We are taking the bus to the U.K. – Gibralter to be exact!! It is at the southern tip of Spain but is a British territory.

Along the 2.5 hour bus ride which included a bus change, we saw beautiful lush green flat rolling hills. There are many white windmills just like the ones that are commonly seen in Midwest USA. I wondered if Don Quixote would have tried to pick a fight with them as well.

Then out of nowhere, this giant rock comes into view. It is impressive! What next? You climb it of course and admire the breath taking views of God’s handiwork.

Here are the personal stats:

Over 30,000 steps (over 15 miles)

Some were literally steps, others on flat or sloping ground.

Ascended 196 floors (and what goes up must come down)

World War References to this strategic spot that stands sentinel between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Sore knees, tired feet, and red ankles.

I have self diagnosed myself with exercise-induced urticaria. (Apparently, you CAN be allergic to exercise.) These itchy hives showed up at the end of the day.

Gilbraltar’s famous Macaque monkeys.

It must have been siesta time because most were asleep-often appearing passed out on the walking trails.

Hillside flora

View: Atlantic Side of the Rock

View: Mediterranean Side of the Rock

The Rock with my Bestie

Chair of the Unknown Tourist

And as always the ironic sign

Shouldn’t it say FAST???

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