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September 23, 2023: We Hit the Wall

It’s up early for a quick road trip. First stop is the famous Wall Drug to get a glass of their famous ice water.

There are signs throughout the USA and even around the world. They get more numerous the closer that you get.
Rob gets a glass of cool clean water.

Rob ordered their world famous roast beef sandwich and since I eat meatless, I ordered a garden burger. My waiter (with a twinkle in his eye) asked if I wanted bacon with that. I said no and we both had a good laugh. He told me that some people say yes.

We went through all the stores and booths. We had our picture taken in an old fashioned photo booth and had a warm homemade donut.

Rob said that it is time to get a move on.
I followed close behind in our wagon.

We wanted to go to the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands Visitors Center, but unexpectedly it was closed.

Lack of moisture, frequent wildfires, and a thin layer of topsoil prevent trees from developing deep taproots and expanding into open grasslands. With hot, dry summers, cold winters and blizzards, a short growing season, and periodic floods and droughts, grassland plants have adapted to these extreme conditions

Less than 2% of North America’s native prairie remains whereas it used to cover half the continent.
It was threatening to storm as we started our drive along the Badlands Loop Road. This was an interesting photograph at our first stop as we planned to stop at all of the fifteen overlooks.
Every time we got back in the car, our shoes were covered with mud. We are witnessing erosion firsthand today.
I grew up in Kansas and my dad would tell me that you could find sharks teeth. How can this be? Now I understand.
The White River runs through the Badlands. When it rains, the white sandstone is carried along with water so the name is very descriptive.
Badlands are found in many places in the world. These formations are soft and erode easily. At one time, the Indians only had domesticated dogs, no horses. The dogs were used for dragging and pulling their goods. It was hard to travel through this land due to the formations. The Indians called it: bad land for traveling. Often, native language doesn’t translate well into English.
Here is a real domesticated dog. The window in the side door has a life-size sticker of a golden retriever.
We didn’t want to overlook any overlooks. This one looked like it could be used for golf. This patch of grass just needed a ⛳.
We think that these are mule deer. They didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry.
We went to a Ramen place. I decided that since I am decked out all in black that I must look like a biker en route to Sturgis, SD, home of the famous annual motorcycle gathering. By the way, my bowl was much smaller than this one!!

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