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September 15-17, 2023: Pre-Trip Excursion

We are headed to Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills of South Dakota. This September trip has been “back-burnered” since 2016.

  • 2016 We were planning to take a week over Labor Day to drive from Ohio to South Dakota and see family and friends along the way. A co-worker played the seniority card. I was a temporary worker so my trip was rescinded despite a signed form by my manager. My co-worker said that she would quit if she didn’t get her way.
  • 2017 A foreign trip to Tanzania to witness the Great Migration which occurs in September.
  • 2018 A trip to Alaska where my daughter was coaching volleyball and the team was paid to travel there in September. We loved watching Julie coach so we combined a trip to see Alaska.
  • 2019 Rob and I left on our around-the-world trip
  • 2020 COVID … need I say more.
  • 2021 Caring for my late Father and moving to Virginia.
  • 2022 Hosting a reunion with some of my high school girlfriends over the Neptune Festival which was interrupted by Hurricane Ian.
  • 2023 AT LAST. South Dakota and now including North Dakota.

We will rent a car on our own for a week and then meet up with a Road Scholar group for the second week. Rob often doesn’t think that a domestic trip counts as travel!! However, he has never been to South and North Dakota so he is eager to see something new in our beautiful nation.

Prior to our South Dakota trip, we took a quick train trip to Washington D.C. for the following reasons:

  • To see the pandas in the National Zoo. They are on loan from China, and China has called for their return on December 7. The pandas are only in three American zoos.
  • To buy Rob a high-end office chair as a thank you for managing my Dad’s finances, communicating with the VA on his behalf, and now executing his estate. His current chair broke. Ever heard of Herman Miller? His new chair will arrive in early October.
  • To attend an Andre Rieu concert at the Capitol One Arena. My dad loved to watch him on YouTube, and he isn’t in the USA very often.
  • To visit one of the many Smithsonian museums. We chose the National Museum of the American Indians as we want to learn more about the first people living in North America.
Eating Bamboo
After eating bamboo
Bonus: A snow leopard
The chosen one … a gamer chair.
Posture is so important.
Just in time: Rob’s past chair was breaking. It finally broke in two yesterday.
Andre Rieu. The concert included classical music, gospel, and even bagpipes. He brings fun to enjoying music.
A packed house. When they played The Blue Danube, Rob and I joined many others dancing the waltz in the aisles.
Three tenors or is that three amigos?
The crowd would not leave.

I took this picture at the zoo. I was amazed at the buffalo range at one time which is the light pink … from Florida to Alaska. Today, their range is only in the dark red areas.

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