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Friday, July 14, 2023: Now You’re Tallinn!

In Finland nature is both wild and free. The law allows anyone living in or visiting Finland the freedom to roam the countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the recreational use of natural areas. This is known as “The Everyman’s Rights.”

We heard that this is blueberry season and that we should travel to the forest north of Helsinki in order to pick wild blueberries. If only we had the time.

At breakfast I learned that rye bread was voted by the people as the national food of Finland.

We traveled by boat across the Bay of Finland from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia. It was on the Viking Line. There were thousands of people waiting to board. It turns out that it was a giant cruise ship that was being used as a three-hour ferry.
We sat outside where it was cold and breezy.
Our first view of Tallin. It has been called the most beautiful capital in Europe.
We disembark and I am behind this guy. I am not sure if he is a fan or advertising. However, at least, this shirt is removable. I was behind one guy in Turku who had the four letter word meaning the same thing tattooed to the back of his neck!! He must have lost a bet!!!!
Hotel Buddy is an app that is used for the key. This technology likely is the future.
I have never seen a manhole cover surrounded by a ring of greenery. It looks like a wreath.
Rob’s dogs are barking and he found just the right place to give them a rest.
Here is the entrance to the Old Town
Estonia borders Russia so the war is on everyone’s mind. Here are signs of protest in front of the Russian embassy.
We eat dinner in a highly-rated vegan restaurant. Even Rob loved the food. They were selling a cookbook that also was in support of Ukraine so we bought one.
Inside St. Olaf’s church where these three musicians were practicing for a concert.
Everywhere you look, there is a beautiful sight to behold.

I try to end my posts with something funny or amusing. Everytime I look at this photo that Rob took of me on the boat ride, I start to laugh. I must have really been tired to be able to sleep in this position!!

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