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Thursday, July 13, 2023: Mission Impossible

Today we left Turku on a train back to Helsinki. We have noted that in both cities the highest buildings are about six stories high. No skyscrapers.

The train stations are very clean. I am embarrassed about what Finnish travelers see when they travel to the USA.
Inside the trains are even cleaner. Here is a man mopping the floor between trips.
Even grain elevators have an artistic presence!

We have purchased tickets to the most recent installment of the Mission Impossible series in Helsinki. It seemed possible to see it in English. There were Finnish and Swedish subtitles. However, when French was spoken, there was no subtitle help.

The movie theatre is huge with large comfortable chairs. Can you find Rob?
Here is a view of the screen. One can play games and compete with each other before the previews start. Perhaps the winner gets popcorn?
On each side of the theatre were lighted blocks. I thought that they might be dumbwaiters since the concession stand was on the first floor and we were on the third floor. However, they were lighted trash receptacles.
On the left is where one pours liquids, recycle on the right. There are no fountain drinks sold anywhere in Finland that I could observe … only recyclables.
Here is the one for the trash. No one has to clean up after the movie. Everything is very tidy. Have you seen a movie theatre in the states after a movie? It looks like a trash bomb has been detonated!! And two paid workers come in to clean it up.

Finland is forward thinking when it comes to food. It is concerned about food waste. (They may charge you if you waste food.) If you buy a can of soda in a food hall, you are to return it to where you bought it. They are responsible for recycling. I think that this is called a circular economy.

Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise had some amazing stunts in the movie. However, I don’t think that he would do some of these unique Finnish games/dares … not even if you double dog dared him … like sitting naked on an anthill. (This is when having to pass gas might come in handy!!!)

Read about others such as mosquito swatting, or wife carrying: Finnish Unique Sports

USA participants in Wife Carrying

I would like to see my brother Russ and his wife, Denise, participate in this event. I think that they might just win!!

Another popular sport that is somewhat unique to Finland is Finnish baseball called Pesäpallo. I would like to see that, too. I heard that there is a difference: the pitcher stands on the other side of a circular home plate. He throws the ball straight up over the plate at least one meter above his head. The batter gets three strikes. The pitchers on the St. Louis baseball team are struggling. This might be the answer. Hmmm. Here are the rules of Pesäpallo on Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pes%C3%A4pallo

When we return to the hotel, it’s time for a sauna. I don’t have any pictures for obvious reasons. We are all naked in there.

Here is the routine: Shower off before going in the sauna. Sit on a provided paper towel. Put water from a water bucket on the hot stones. Sit there for 5 to 10 minutes. Go rinse off and then return for another 5 to 10 minutes. Then shower in cool water … the colder the better!! And, most of all, try not to make eye contact!!! HAHA!

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