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Wednesday, July 12, 2023: Museum Fatigue

Here is a compilation of museums and sites that we have seen today and yesterday.

Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

This hill is the only place that survived the Great Fire in Turku 1827. They have converted these homes into a handicraft museum with each home showcasing a trade.

This was the home of the seamstress.
Each home had an extensive garden outside. In summer they have long days that are good for growing a vegetable garden.
This stop was bygone day activities. My dad made some stilts when I was growing up. I thought that I could still do it!!
This young actor told us about making musical instruments. He was able to make that violin sing!!
Here is a sign that you don’t see often in museums.
An artist’s home. Speaking of art …

Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Art Museum

This modern art museum is part of an archeology museum. That seems odd. Read on to find out why?

Now I know why we can’t find a place to sit … all the chairs are part of an art installation.
This installation is a signature piece of this modern art museum.
All the lost gloves must have ended up here. I think that they just cleaned out the lost and found closet.
Rob and I would try to guess the title and use our Google translate. This one is called Puddle.

Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Archeology Museum

When they were excavating the land to build the art museum they found an elaborate network of cellars and their contents. It is possible to date the wood by using tree rings … not just how old the tree is but by lining up known wood samples with their corresponding ring size. This science is called dendrochronology.

Art House in Turku

The artist, KAJ Stenvall, paints current news about the Russian-Ukrainian War. He will continue his artist commentary until the war ends.


Jean Sebelius is the most famous Finnish composer and musician. A music museum is dedicated to him. It also has many orchestral musical instruments. We listened to his Opus 104. It was quite beautiful. He commented on the work as it sounded like snowfall.

This keyed monochord is very rare. Not many were made in the 1880’s and only few remain intact. There is a keyboard on the left and a violin played with a bow on the right.

Turku Castle

Turku Castle is over 1,000 years old. WWII caused the greatest amount of damage.

This is a model of the Medieval Castle. It initially was an island. Now it is part of the mainland. We had an extensive tour in English. Most of the tour was Swedish history since Finland was part of Sweden for over 500 years.
Renaissance Castle. Table for 60, please?

Forum Marinum Maritime Center

Small boat
Big Boat
Biggest Boat
Man on boat. Woman tired of boats.

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