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Tuesday, July 11, 2023: The Old Great Square, She Ain’t What She Used To Be

Turku is the oldest city in Finland.  That is likely why there are so many cobblestones. The origin of the place name is said to mean “trading place”. Near the city center is the Old Great Square where trade took place along the Aura River. Today the river is lined with trendy restaurants. We heard that some of the best restaurants in Finland are located here.

This is a gutter in the Old Great Square…it has been elevated and ends with a waterfall.
This gull was perched high above us and held this pose like he wanted his picture taken.
Look at these baby chicks! Have they fallen from their nest? What kind of bird is this? The mother must be nearby…
I have never seen gull chicks before nor have I seen a gulls nest. What a treat!!
We go to a pharmacy museum called The Pharmacy Museum and Qwensel House.
Everything is very neat, tidy, and well labelled.
Herbs played a big part in pharmacy. It seems like it is making a comeback today.
These candles were prevalent throughout the pharmacy display. I guess that one can’t have enough light when dispensing medicines when it is dark outside!!!
These were traveling medicine chests used by the pharmacist. The one on the top was used on boats (note the bars to keep the bottles from tipping over); the bottom one was used on land.

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