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Saturday, July 8, 2023: No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing

Today the forecast called for lots of rain. However, we had planned to go to an island and see historical homes from around Finland in an outdoor museum. I lived in Seattle for about 3 years and I developed the common mindset. “If you wait until it stops raining, you will never do anything.”  

Also, there truly isn’t bad weather. Sometimes, rain is wanted … drought, crops, air pollution mitigator, etc. Sometimes, we don’t want rain … weddings, baseball games, etc. Many prayers are sent up to God for differing outcomes. I think that I should leave the weather up to God. In fact, in Jordan, rain is very special. If it rains on your wedding, the union is considered especially blessed.

Well, today we got blessed. It was a downpour and we got soaked despite having good rain gear.

But we soldiered on to Seurasaari Island and here’s what we saw:

This man is singing, praying, ? on a boat in the middle of the water. He was there when we arrived and was still at it when we left two hours later!!
Here is where you store your one horse open sleigh in the summer.
Mills of all types were a staple in any community.
This one was a real stand out. I thought that it was a cool tree house, but actually it was called a Bear House which is where one puts meat and other items so the bears can’t get to it.
This is a phone booth and was in use until recently. It was a great place to be when it started to rain.
These birds have the mannerisms of Canada geese but have different coloration.
This house is unique since the second floor is bigger than the first floor.
After we left the island, we walked (yes, it was still raining) to the Olympics Stadium. We thought that we could get a tour but they had already closed. They hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics!
So we headed back to our hotel. Nearby is the famous downtown strolling park called Esplanadi or Espi for short.
There is a stage on the Espi where they have shows and music. This duo did all types of acrobatics.
This was a kids musical group called Loiskis. There were lots of parents and their toddlers in attendance. Both groups knew all the words!!! We did not but clapped along anyway.

A word about children: Each parent gets parental leave of seven months. And when the expectant mother goes to her first medical appointment, the government then sends her a baby box that consists of a layette, a full supply of baby clothing. Even the cardboard box doubles as a crib.

Does all that fit into the box??

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