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Wednesday, May 31, 2023: Stop, Drop and … Make a Circle?

This morning the city had an earthquake drill which made me ask what are we to do? If you are in a building, stay under a door jamb. If not, go outside and stand in a circle. I am not sure why that is safer!?! The emergency personnel are involved as well.
The Swat Team??
I wanted to buy an alpaca sweater. The fibers are hollow so that they are warm when warmth is needed and cool when cool(th) is needed. I wanted to try it on so the saleslady made this makeshift dressing room!!
This is the Dominican church that has been built on top and adjacent to the Sun Temple, the most important temple of the Inca World.
We hiked up to the bell tower of the Dominican church.

This Temple of the Sun in Cusco was built during the government of the Inca Huiracocha in the 13th century, approximately. Emperor Pachacutec, the builder of Machu Picchu, was the one who embellished it in the 15th century.

This stone’s claim to fame is that it has 12 corners. 🎵 This stone, it has 12 corners, 12 corners has this stone… 🎵
One cannot slip a piece of paper between these stones. This pre-Columbian culture was way more advanced than the Spanish indicated. All records were likely destroyed.
Here are some beautiful stones that surround the palace where the royal family lived near the Sun Temple, They come from differing areas influenced by volcanic activity.
A cute way for the restaurant to tell us the wifi password.
This was my quinoa salad. Almost too pretty to eat.
At the end of the meal, Rob asked for the check and they brought us two bites of chocolate cheesecake as a thank you for dining here. Does this mean it was free?
Once it was dark, we traveled to the Cusco Planetarium. I took this picture with my cell phone. Can you see the Southern Cross … maybe 🎶 for the first time? 🎶 The two bright stars, Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri, are pointing toward it. Archaeoastronomy is a new word for me.

FUN FACT: Caral, an ancient city in Perú, is considered the oldest in the Americas and even predates the Egyptian pyramids.

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