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Thursday, June 1, 2023: What’s Cookin’ in Cusco?

Today we have another cooking class. We always start with a trip to the market.

These are dried fish roe. Kati says that they don’t have much of a taste but add a little of a boba feel to a dish.
Perú has many types of corn.
These giant breads are the size of a chair cushion. They are made daily by the whole town about thirty minutes away. Everyone has a huge wood oven to bake this bread. Makes sense!!
This man is selling big fat juicy maggots for food. Apparently they can have other uses. Do you think I tried one? No… I had just eaten!!
We have arrived at cooking school. Our chef told us about the many varieties of gourmet potatoes that he uses. The far left is called Puma’s Paw because it looks like one.
This alcohol is called “dead guinea pig”. In Australia, they have a saying “Killin’ the pig” which means that you are doing well in business.

First we started to make quinoa salads. Our chef said that the different colors have different cooking times. What happens if you buy the tricolored quinoa? I will NOT be separating each little grain at home.

Here is Rob’s creation. That orange mango slice is slippery.
Mine has only one mango slice…I ate the other!!
Man makes fire!!
So does woman … much to my surprise!
Chef Rob still has his eyebrows!
The final main dish. I ALMOST ate it all.
We went to the Inca Museum and we’re greeted by Pachacutec, the builder of Machu Picchu. To me, he is analogous to Ramses II, the Great Builder in Egypt.
While in the Inca Museum, I was excited to see my hat. However, I was dismayed that the caption said, “Men’s Hat.” Oh well, I don’t want to wear a pizza pan on my head. If it is level, you are married. If it is tilted, you are single. And if you are wearing a men’s hat, you must be a tourist.
This young lady may have a difficult job directing traffic but she sure looks stylish and sexy doing it. No wonder there is so much traffic downtown.
Isn’t this cute? I tried to figure out how it is done??

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