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Day 1: Sunday, November 13, 2022 – To Infinity and Beyond

Rob has a birthday this month, and he wanted to do something special. I said,”Let’s go down and see the Artemis I launch.” What young man didn’t at one time want to be an astronaut. Rob even had a telescope. After some discussions Rob made some hotel reservations and we mapped out our road trip of 12 hours.

We started at 8am, packed our lunches and snacks, and filled up our water bottles. Of course, we had to stop on occasion to use the restroom, fill up with gas, and stretch our legs. I read once that one should stop every two hours and at least walk around the car to aid in circulation.

Every stop was very eventful. Gas prices are very deceiving. They would lure you in with a good price but add ten cents if you used a credit card…which is just about EVERYONE!!

The next stop was just for the bathroom. There was a sign on the door to the men’s room that said, “Stop pissing on the floor.” Rob declared that it was the worst bathroom that he had ever experienced.

Later, another bathroom stop was at a place called Buc-ee’s. We weren’t sure what it was, but it was VERY popular. The parking lot was completely full, and people were driving around looking for a parking spot. The lot was huge and the store was about the size of a Walmart. There were about 25 gas pumps that were full with many people waiting in line.

Inside there were hundreds of people milling about. I had to use the bathroom, and there was a line of about 50 women. It went fairly fast because there were about 25 toilets, but when I came out there were still 50 women in line.

Here is a video of the wild time at Buc-ee’s:

We saw hurricane damage as we drove through Florida. Many road signs were knocked down and some billboards were shredded.

We checked into our hotel at 9:30pm. Even though it was late, we decided to take a walk.

I asked the desk clerk,”We are going to take a walk. Which way should we go?”

He said, “You can only go left. An alligator swamp is to the right. Two men went into the swamp, and we never saw them again.”

Alrighty then. We go left!! He was serious. He told us that two young men from Orlando who had stolen a car, ditched the car and then ran into the swamp. The police never found them despite using helicopters.

We walked in the hotel parking lot!!!

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