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Day 20: Friday, July 29, 2022 –

  • We walked our suitcases to the minivan and traveled from Oberammergau to Munich.
  • We took the train to Munich.
  • Then a subway to the Hilton Munich Airport. (This was a great idea since we have an early flight tomorrow morning.)

On the train, the ticket taker said Danke, Danke, Danke as she took the ticket of each passenger. It sounded like Dunkin’, Dunkin’, Dunkin’ to which I wanted to reply DONUTS!!

Everywhere that we go, American music is played, and it is usually the oldies like American Pie (which sounds kind of prophetic today with dry levees), etc. I hope the music doesn’t die!!! Other songs were Born in the USA, and Ain’t No Sunshine.

When I heard Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers, it reminded me of a final tie breaking question that we once had in a trivia game. “How many times does the singer sing “I know” in this song?” It was fun to see people singing and counting, “I know”. I told a young German rider about it, and she thought that was a great, funny question. I will tell you the answer at the end of the post if you want to try yourself.

We arrived at the Hilton Munich Airport. It is very futuristic, modern and playing new age type of music.
We learned that it is the best airport hotel in Europe and third best in the world. Rob wants to know “Who says?” Apparently Skytrax does this type of rating.

To read more about airport ratings, click this link:

Airport Ratings

It was hard to find the elevator since everything looks the same with all the see-through glass.. And when we did finally find the elevator, we had a hard time finding the button.
Rob found the button.
The hallway created a great visual.
Here was our room with two queen beds. The linens and pillows were very cozy.
The bathroom had push buttons to turn on the water for either a shower or bath. Rob always scratches his head when there are no shower doors … just a little panel. This is common in Europe. I wonder if they feel claustrophobic when they use a shower in the USA?
We saw a food truck or should I say food airplane as they have converted the fuselage into a food outlet.
We went to McDonalds as we were looking for something fast. They were PACKED. I was surprised to see so many vegan options and the use of paper straws and wood utensils.

I know that these things are “green” and renewable but our best environmental solutions don’t come from switching, they come from reducing. It is better to bring your own and reuse.

Yes, paper and wood are renewable but aren’t we trying to plant more trees instead of cut more down for stabilizing the climate and keeping the water cycle intact.

I have the same thoughts about electric cars. No one is talking about where all this electricity is going to come from?? Coal? Nuclear? Solar? Wind?? Maybe we can make electricity by having people ride stationary bikes to create electricity. The gym at Allegheny College powers the building and stores energy with stationary bikes that the students ride. But shouldn’t we just eliminate the “middle man” and just bike!!! Ha.

Or better yet, when you go to McDonald’s, one could bike the calories (energy) that you want to order. It could be a win-win for many of the problems facing our world.

Maybe instead of solar farms, and wind farms, we could have bike farms. Lots of jobs could be created. I am a professional energy biker.

I don’t have all the answers but I do know how many “I knows” are in Ain’t No Sunshine: 26.

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