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Day 17: Tuesday, July 26, 2022 – White Rose

We ate lunch at a very busy restaurant called Brenner Operngrill. We even had a reservation. It is fun to be socially close!!

We use the credit card that is in my name since we get an amazing level of points when we use it. When I sign, I usually hear oohs and aahs about my pretty signature. My penmanship has always been good. In college, they nicknamed me the human typewriter!

This is the White Rose Memorial. Can you see me? I was reading about the White Rose while Rob took this photo.

White Rose was a student resistance group against Hitler and the Nazi regime. They mailed, posted, and scattered a total of six flyers. They were turned in by the university custodian who saw them. The students were beheaded, but not before their writings were smuggled into the hands of the Allies. The sixth leaflet was duplicated and dropped out of airplanes over northern Germany. Sadly, like other attempts at resistance, White Rose did not provoke any active opposition against the totalitarian regime within the German population.

We noted that many buildings, whether in Munich or even Vienna, are all about the same height and have a similar number of windows. There isn’t a lot of variation.
I love bubble tea so Rob got one for me to drink while we waited to watch the Glockenspiel show.
Even though we saw the Glockenspiel show in 2019, we decide to see it again since we are in Marienplatz. This time we watch people watching the show.
Here we go again!!
Rob commented that it felt very different to be in a crowd after years of COVID uncertainty.
This was a fascinating window display of a live orchid that had been espaliered and was very symmetrical.

Rob and I are strolling down the street and arrive at Hofgarten Park. I said, I think that we have been here before, and it was on my birthday. Sure enough when I search my Google photos for Hofgarten, I found my proof.

Rob in Hofgarten on June 23, 2019.
Brenda in Hofgarten on July 26, 2022
But whether in 2019 or 2022, we both enjoyed the same view.

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