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Day 8: Sunday, July 17, 2022 – Hard to Find

Lutheran Church, Deák tér was our church choice today. We were pretty sure that the service would not be in English, but it also reassuring that we are in the presence of fellow worshippers of Jesus Christ.

We were able to determine when they were saying The Lord’s prayer due its cadence.

In front of us was a woman who was mostly blind. She could read the words on her phone at the highest zoom and about one inch from her face. She had an amazing singing voice. Truly gifted.

The hymns that we sang were not familiar nor were they particular catchy. I looked at the notes and sang along. Rob looks at the words to see where we are.

There were about 100 in attendance, mostly older people. It felt very empty because the church could hold over a thousand.

At the end of the worship service about two thirds of the congregants left. We stayed along with the “remnant”. This is when we had communion.

We were a little unsure how communion was handled especially since it was another language and with COVID concerns.

We observed that the congregants picked up a small silver chalice and walked to the altar where we knelt. We observed the blind lady to know what to do. Rob had his miniature communion chalice upside down.

The pastor gave us the communion wafer. Then he poured “water” into our little chalice. I had never seen this before since the communion drink is to represent the blood of Jesus. However, when I drank it, it was WINE. Was this a miracle of water turning to wine like the first recorded miracle in the Bible? Or was it white wine all along??

In the literature that was presented about the church, they stated that Lutherans were more about the intellect and less about the emotion of being a Christian. I think that it a fair self reflection. I think that our response to Jesus is both.

The intellectual part determines if what Jesus said about himself and the prophecies that He fulfilled are true. Every Christian needs to go through this process.

When I was a young Christian, I wanted to make sure that I understood intellectually that Jesus was the Son of God, the Promised Messiah, and Savior of the world. I read a pivotal book for me called More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell.

More Than a Carpenter was written because the author was an atheistic young lawyer who set out to prove that Christians were deluded and that Jesus was just a carpenter.

His premise was that there were only three possible answers of who Jesus was. He was either Lord, Lunatic, or Liar!

By the end of the his research (and the book), Josh McDowell called Jesus Lord and became a Christian. THE EVIDENCE WAS OVERWHELMING. And his response to this information was emotional.

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