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Day 7: Saturday, July 16, 2022 – Parliamentary Procedures

The Parliament Building took 17 years to build. Hungarian craftsmen used Hungarian materials when possible. It was declared a UNESCO site in 1987.
This building was made in 1885-1904 and is in the neo-Gothic style. Pyrogranite was discovered and used as it is weather resistant.
This is the Europe’s largest hand-knotted rug.
This is a very modest stained glass window, but it reminds me of the windows in my daughter’s apartment. During WWII each stained glass was removed, taken to the basement, and laid in sand to protect them from bombing.
Here is where it all happens – Assembly Hall. Ethnic groups are represented but don’t have a vote.

Stenographers write down every word, noise, etc. that occur here. They come in the room through the red curtain every eight minutes. We were told that they often win best stenographers in the world contests. Maybe this should be an Olympic sport.

Outside of Assembly Hall this numbered bronze holder was a place for the lawmakers to park their cigars during an important meeting.

The Parliament building holds the crown jewels, and they are guarded by soldiers with swords!! You can’t take any pictures of the crown, orb, and scepter. However, in the Buda Castle, they had a copy of these jewels.

We went to the House of Terror. This museum is about period of the Nazis in Hungary and then being “freed” by the Soviets. The exhibits cover atrocities that were committed by these two groups. We later learned that there was a third active group called the Hungarian Arrow Cross who were killing their own “undesirable” people. This is played down here. I guess it depends who is writing the history.

Here is an artist’s rendition of The Iron Curtain.
That night we went to the recently renovated and newly opened Opera House of Hungary. The performance was The Masked Ball based on the shooting of the Swedish king, Gustav, a murder mystery set to music!!!

At the end everyone clapped in unison. It sounded funny as there was an echo. Also, there were MANY curtain calls for each actor who took DEEP, LONG bows with their hands on their hearts. My hands got very tired of clapping. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up!!!

Can you find Rob waiting for the opera to begin??

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