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Day 2: Monday, July, 11, 2022 – Don’t Ask for the Czech

We arrived around noon to the airport in Prague which has a population of 10 million and is the size of West Virginia.

We took the city bus then transferred to a metro followed by a short walk to our Airbnb. Public transportation cost the both of us about $3.30. A private car would have been $30. There were three doors with security codes then up a spiral staircase.

This was our first look into our Prague abode.
Here is our bedroom. The mattress is Tempur-Pedic. The apartment is sooo quiet!! So quiet that I hear a slight ringing in my ears.

We are very tired but trying to deny any jet lag so we walked around the Old Town to get us on Europe time which is 6 hours ahead of Virginia time. Here are a few things that we saw:

This corner statue has a smiley face etched in it. I think that it looks like a chess pawn.
Here is an interesting concept!

Beer is everywhere. We are told that they drink the most beer per capita in the world at 197 liters/year. No one else comes close!!
This is a brain teaser. Think about it!!
The classical concert was held in The Mirror Chapel. It is a national historic site since Mozart had played here on one of the organs.
Here is a close up of the organ in the front. Could this be the organ??
Or maybe it was this one in the back? Can you find Rob sitting down in the back??

Here is a closeup of Rob during the concert. He said that he hit the wall about 5 minutes before the concert started.

After a wonderful relaxing concert, we headed out to eat dinner. We did not have a reservation so we were seated outside. However, we were still in earshot of the pianist who played a lot of Elton John songs!!

We commented that the European culture allows for you to linger at your table. In fact, we were finished and ready to leave. It must be the culture to ask for the check as they would not want you to feel that they were rushing you.

Rob finally asked for the “check”. The waiter told him that he would bring the “bill”!!

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