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Day 1: Sunday, July 10, 2022 – Off We Go…Again!!

Rob has been ready to “get out here” for months. My father had heart surgery in June and because we have had to add more medicines and increased dietary needs, the assisted living facility was not able to continue to care for him. It was a mutual decision since any increase in care was an increase in money. We were paying skilled nursing prices in an assisted living facility. So a move was needed.

Since his new residence is set up more like a dorm room, we spent much of June moving things out of his one bedroom apartment and into storage and our apartment. Now OUR apartment resembles a Hoarders episode. However, we want to be thoughtful as we downsize a lifetime.

With that preamble, Rob and I were both in need of some Rest and Relaxation. I have always wanted to see the passion play in Oberammergau, Germany. It happens every ten years but was delayed until 2022 due to COVID. Rob took the opportunity to plan some other stops en route. I will unveil these in our daily blogs.

Since we will be gone for three weeks, we decided to take an Uber to the airport to avoid parking fees. We arrived really early since we didn’t have to allow for parking and walking to the terminal. I highly recommend it.

Our flight to NYC was uneventful. It was nice to see faces again in the airports and on the planes.

Our flight to Prague, Czech Republic was delayed. Apparently, the company that provides food for the flight had a fire. They were still able to get us some delicious food anyway.

I always look forward to watching movies on the plane but my screen was not working. The only thing that it would play is a preview of the film, Dead Man Walking. I couldn’t even shut it off. Also, the air conditioning vent would not close. Good thing I brought my winter jacket…in July!!! You never know! Then my seat would not hold recline and it would move when I moved. I guess if your short handed of workers, I prefer maintenance to work on the safety of the plane rather than the comfort of the passengers!

It’s all good…I had a good sleep and woke up ready to see where God directs our steps.

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