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Day 16: Friday, April 15, 2022 – Hamman-ing We Will Go

We slept late and went to a wonderful buffet at our seaside hotel. We walked out to an expansive beach and watched many kite surfers.

It is very windy here. A soccer ball came my way and I was asked to retrieve it. The ball blew away from me and I couldn’t catch up to it!! Ha

We went to the port where all of the fishing boats were moored.

They were a beautiful shade of blue.
It smelled kind of fishy!!!
There were so many seagulls. They were like giant houseflies!!

Omar told us to meet him at a restaurant called Restaurant Sayef where he would introduce us to the chef who used to work at a top hotel. He went out on his own before COVID and is trying to build back his business.

Rob liked the perfectly lined up colorful pillows.

The food was delicious. During our lunch, he told us that he would be leaving to go to the mosque (Friday noon is like our Sunday morning.) and when he returned, we could have dessert. OK. We weren’t planning on dessert but it was worth the wait.

Waiting for dessert!!

We scheduled an afternoon hammam at a place called the Cocooning Spa. This appealed to our love of butterflies. We had never experienced this but were told that everyone should have one in their lifetime. Our research of asking others told us that there is a steamy room, exfoliating scrubs and oil.

We were told to go into a room together. Put on this special brief underwear (not pictures) and terry cloth bathrobe.

Next we were escorted into a steamy room with heated marble slabs. We were washed and scrubbed and rinsed and oiled. When I sat up to be shampooed, I almost slid off the slab. Next a final rinse (too bad that there was no repeat!!), we donned our robes and went to dry off and linger over some water and a glass of tea.

Then we were escorted into a massage room. I didn’t know that I had so many sore muscles. My hair was still wet but my skin was radiant.

I emerged as a beautiful butterfly. We walked around once again on the windy beach which I call “God’s blowdryer”.

We explored the old city.

Soon the market was hopping as it was about time for the Muslims to break their fast. People are buying food and hustling home.

We went to our restaurant called The Loft. They were concerned that we would not be happy as they were about to leave to break their fast. We told them we were happy to wait and have drinks until they returned from their room where they were taking their meal. Rob had a Coke. I had carrot, orange, and ginger. It was yummy, very orange, and likely healthy.

The decor had old technology on the wall like cameras, reel to reel tape recorders, radios, TVs, etc. The music was familiar American jazz tunes.

People kept coming in and looking to have dinner. I explained that the staff was breaking their fast but they would be back shortly. When they returned, it was a packed restaurant!!

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