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Day 15: Thursday, April 14, 2022 – Picnic by the Atlantic Ocean

Essaouira also has argon trees in the Anti-Atlas Mountains and has the perfect conditions for growing them. It seems like everywhere that you look, we see the argan trees.

Even though argan trees grow in Brazil and Israel, Morocco is the place where the fruit (nut) is produced. This means that it is only place that you can get oil. It is not edible … to humans at least.

Soussa people come from the Souss-Massa region. Morocco has 12 regions like we have states in the USA.

We drive through the small village of Tahala. The men have left women and children behind to find work in the big city.

Morocco has a lot of silver. Mining is a big operation here especially in Tizmit.

Agadir is known as the Berber capital. It is the tenth largest town in Morocco. It is a modern planned city since it was rebuilt after a 1960 earthquake. Everything was destroyed. There is no old city. One third of the population was killed and the other two thirds survived but their homes and shops did not.

We stopped in Agadir to buy a picnic lunch and eat it by the Atlantic Ocean. This huge supermarket called Carrefour rivalled anything that we have in the USA. It was fun to buy chips again, but we overbought.

While at the store, I needed to use the ladies room. Often, restroom users need to tip the lady who stands at the door and makes sure that the bathroom is tidy and well equipped. Sometimes there is no one there. Omar said that he didn’t think that I needed a coin, but I saw a woman standing at her post. I walked in and proudly gave my tip to a lady who giggled. I had never received that response before. Apparently, she was waiting for a friend!! She kept my coin and I have a funny story worth more than I gave her. Crazy Americans!!

Many Scandinavians, Germans, and Russians come to this Agadir and Essaouira for a holiday. This is a place for surfing and picnics.

Tamwrit is known for small yet sweet bananas. These did not grow here originally but now there is a huge valley for bananas that runs to the ocean. We noted that no matter what a shop was selling, bananas were also available.

I am fascinated by sheep and shepherding. I learned that sheep easily get lost because they keep their heads down and eat.
Some impromptu Berber tribe dancing. The men in Omar’s tribe do a lot of quick shoulder shrugs while moving side by side in a circle.

Essaouira is protected from the ocean by a wall. There is a new and old part. There are hundreds of shops and international restaurants. Many tourists like to come here.

The music is often western in nature and run by the DJ on the right. Traditional music is alternated and is just as lively.
Musical clapping is much different than applause. The hands meet exactly and make a loud popping noise.

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