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Day 13: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 – Taroudant

We traveled to Taroudant which is often called the grandmother of Marrakesh. At the beginning of the 16th century, Taroudant was briefly the capital before moving to Marrakesh. The walls around the city were built in those ten years. However, Marrakesh in the north was on a better trade route, was more established, and had many monuments.

This unique city doesn’t see very many foreigners.

Throughout Morocco, we are served mint tea. Here is a statue commemorating it. I bet Marrakesh doesn’t have THIS monument!!

Mint tea is made by making it in a metal teapot most often silver with green tea with mint leaves. The boiling hot water tea mixture is then poured into a glass. The higher the pour the more respected you are. It is then returned to the tea pot. The pour happens a second time and returned to the pot. On the third pour, it is served to you and has an airy “froth” on it which is the ultimate and desired glass of tea…not a cup.

Rob is so excited that he has found a rampart to climb and rampart to walk around.
Nope!! It’s closed…not for Ramadan but for restoration.
One can find everything in the market. It is like going to Walmart. Each souk is like an aisle.
Herbs and Spices
Fruits and vegetables
Wood Furniture
Everyone needs a helping hand at the market. This old man is pushing a cart up the street. A young man is helping him so I joined in as well.
Rob and I went into town to have dinner at Riad Maryam which is billed as the best Moroccan food in town.
We ordered a dish called Royal Tajine which had everything such as beef, lamb, chicken, and vegetables on a mountain of couscous. We each had full plates, and it looked like we hadn’t made a dent.

After dinner, we walked around the town. Locals are playing foosball, snooker, and even a card game that they called Uno. It looked more like gin as they would lay down groups of three matches or runs. Loser pays for the drinks. I wanted to play but Omar said that it was too smokey. Those that smoke are not allowed to smoke during the fast so once the sun goes down, they all light up. I think that Ramadan would be a good motivation to quit smoking.

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