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Day 11: Sunday, April 10, 2022 – Palm Sunday

Brenda, Hassan our host and the two drivers. Our driver is in white and his name is Fetah. He is a musician AND a driver.
We were in two cars and would often get side by side to race until…
…we got another flat tire!!
This is the second one of the trip, but they are always ready to make the change.
I took the opportunity to look out over the Sahara in the comfort of my own tamarisk shade tree.
We stopped at an important Islamic library in the small town of Tamegroute … but it was closed, not because of Ramadan but it is the weekend.

Tamegroute is known as the last town before you enter the Sahara or in our case the first one that you see when returning.

This pottery factory is run by seven families. They specialize in making green pottery that is painted with a mixture of magnesium, copper, and silica before firing in the kiln.
They use the red clay and the hot sun.
Our guide, Abdul, jumped down into this hole and started making pottery. The wheel turns underneath him. It eliminates poor workplace posture. Pretty smart … but it makes for an awkward picture.

On the edge of the Draa Valley in Zagora, there is a local market every Sunday.

Thankfully, this market doesn’t cater to tourists so we get a glimpse into real life.
Our accommodations in the Zagora oasis are at Riad Lamane.

Once we checked in, we opted for some welcomed hot water showers and later met for a guided walk through the oasis.

What a gift to enjoy Palm Sunday surrounded by palm trees!

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