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Day 7: Wednesday, April 6, 2022 – Closed

We are traveling today and are on our way to Marrakesh. It is a 6½ hour drive so we start early.

Our tire blew out!!! Gee, is this part of the Adventure. I didn’t see this listed in the itinerary!!
I don’t think that this one can be fixed.
While the guys were changing the tire, I walked down the path to visit this herd of sheep. The shepherd handed me the hubcap and held out his hand for a tip.
The view from our Marrakesh hotel.  Marrakesh is called The Red City, the color of respect. Founded by the Berbers, this town attracts both international and domestic tourists.
Omar warns us not to be out during the time when the fast is broken which is between 6:30 and 7:30. All the streets are deserted so crimes can occur as there are no police, security, etc.

The Ramadan workday starts at 9:00 – 9:30 and ends around 3:00 – 3:30. A normal workday is 9:00 – 12:00 then 3:00- to 6:00 as they go home for lunch and a nap. Bosses are more lenient during Ramadan especially on hard jobs because they know that it is difficult to work when you are hungry and thirsty. Omar and I saw a man on a motorcycle yelling at a man in a car. It was about an hour before he could eat. I told Omar about the word, “hangry” which is being angry because you’re hungry. The fast ends around 6:50 – 6:55pm. A cannon announces the end. They refer to it as breakfast since they are breaking the fast which confuses the rest of us.

They have a breakfast which consists of milk and dates and honey cakes and juice. Harira is lentil soup. This light breakfast is later followed with a big dinner and then a meal is eaten again at 4:00am before the sun rises. Iftar is the official name of the “dinner break fast”.

We non-Muslims are on a force fast and are sharing in their discomfort. No restaurants are open during the day. We found a McDonalds. Now THAT is a happy meal.

We tried to find a laundry service, but they were closed. So after three tries, we took our stinking laundry back to the hotel. Omar came up with a plan. He asked our driver to find a place the next day and bring it back to us. I hope that he or his wife didn’t just do it.

After dark, we go out as a group to the Old Medina to have dinner. Things are hopping after the sun goes down and the fast is over.  We all celebrate!!

There are many colorful displays.
Fill the box with bite-size deserts. If given the chance, I eat my dessert first in case the rapture comes during dinner!!
Kabobs of turkey, chicken, and vegetables.
Eating at the outdoor markets: Efi, Betsy, Noah, Scott, Sergei, and Rob.
I didn’t need to know the language to play this game. Flip a coin. If it lands in the circle without touching a line, you get that amount of coins back.
I started with 1 Dirham, about 10 cents. The first flip, it landed on 4. The second flip, it landed on 2. The last landed on a line. Net: I walked away with 30¢ jingling in my pocket.

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