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Day 3: Saturday, April 2- Let’s Walk Around

Last night was a lot different than the previous night. Lots of howling and screeching cats and trash collection!! There are a lot of cats here. They are mostly skinny and live on the street. American cats are fat and live indoors. Hmmm.

Today is a “Let’s walk around” day. We pass a busy market. I imagine that it is busy every Saturday, but the day that Ramadan starts is sure to be even busier!!

Here are carts full of fruits and vegetables. Oranges have the stems attached. I wonder if the taste is better because of that.
Every market tends to have a fish stall and you can smell it from far away.
These chickens are awaiting the inevitable. The men behind the screen do the deed while the beautiful roosters crow.
Abdul invites us to join him for a glass of mint tea. They pour the tea as high as they can in and out of the pot three times before serving.
In the market, Abdul and Rob bartered back and forth many times but they remained friends through it all.
This sign struck me as funny but maybe this truly is haute couture in Morocco.
These mannequins must be very modest.
I love the color orange so Rob took my picture in front of these beautiful orange bougainvillea.
There were a lot of teens and young adults using this colorful skate park. They were getting some serious air time. If I were younger with strong bones, I would love to give it a try!!
We went to Rick’s Cafe which was built in 2004 and modeled after the cafe that Rick owned in the movie Casablanca.
Here is the second floor.
It was lovely and they sat us right in the middle next to the musicians.
We were hoping for Sam to “Play it”, but it was Arabic music night so I guess they will have to play on. We still enjoyed it very much.

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