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Go, Go to Morocco!!

Pack your bags, we’re heading out.

We will start in Casablanca. We plan to dine at Rick’s where I am sure that there will be a piano player named Sam. A funny story about Casablanca…

Back in 2013, my parents, who were in their 80s with mobility challenges, received a flyer in the mail about a cruise that went to Casablanca, Morocco and Cadiz, Spain where my daughter, Elle, was attending the university as a study abroad college student. They thought that it was a sign and asked me to go with them in October. We asked Elle to join us and we picked her up in Cadiz.

When the ship docked at Casablanca, Elle hailed a cab and secured a price for our destination. My parents walked over a long cobblestone street and climbed into the small cab and once they were settled, I got in the back and Elle got in the front. That is when it got crazy. The cabbie started raising the price in Spanish, Elle yelled at him in Spanish, and then she told us in English, “Everybody out.” It took us a while to get out but she wasn’t about to have anyone take advantage of us. We opted to eat lunch at a charming spot instead of sight seeing. I am sure that I can find the taxi stand when we arrive. Maybe they will remember the crazy old Americans!!!

While on the cruise, the St. Louis Cardinals were in the postseason. Our family has been Cardinal fans for generations…and if you watch the games and are a true fan, my dad takes you to the World Series. The ship only had one channel but it happened to be ESPN so in the middle of the night, we watched baseball. It was like a geriatric pajama party!! Ha

OK… back to our trip. Next we go to Fez, the country’s cultural capital, and see the walled medina and smell the rich and colorful spices in the market.

Volubilis is an ancient Roman outpost. These magnificent ruins show the far reaching influence of the Romans.

Marrakech is another famous walled city with maze-like alleys.

Ait Ben Haddon is an abandoned town that was a stopping point on the caravan route. Now it is used as a backdrop for numerous movies.

There is a desert camp in Erg Chigaga. We will stay in a desert camp on the edge of the Sahara, hike up sand dunes and even take a bucket shower!!!!

Zagora is located in a river valley and is surrounded by mountains.

The city of Taroudant has a 5 mile wall surrounding it. I am sure that Rob will want to walk ALL the way around it.

Tafraout is a secluded oasis. I wonder if we will be there at midnight!!!

Essaouira is a seaside town known for its high winds. We are sure to see some kite surfers. Hold onto your hat!!

Morocco has more cultural diversity than any other country in the world. G Adventures/National Geographic will show us amazing things and allow us to interact with the many people who have made an enduring mark on this beautiful country.

Come with us!!

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