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México, México y México: Febrero 24, 2022

There are three Méxicos. One is the city. It is referred to as CDMX meaning La Ciudad de México. Then there is the surrounding State of México of which the city used to be included. Lastly, the country of México. México means the “belly button of the moon”.

We are in Mexico City and our day started with a lavish buffet breakfast. Rob and I attempt to speak Spanish…if we remember. The hostess asked for our room number and it took a long time to recall the right numbers. She was patient like listening to a child try to say their numbers. We look at what she writes down to confirm that we have communicated effectively.

We know orange juice but aren’t so sure about the others.
As we wander around, I take pictures of unique displays…truly an art form.
One lady would not allow a picture of her snack display. Note to self: always ask permission.

No matter where we went, someone was always protesting or yelling through a bull horn. One protest was the lack of timely court services. We saw a long line that wrapped around the block for specific official business like marriage licenses.

For the best view of seeing Museo de Bellas Artes, we were told to go to the 8th floor of the Sears building across the street. They were right.

Next we paid for a Mariachi band to serenade us.

We came across this protest/celebration. There was lots of dancing, music and singing. It seemed like a Mardi Gras party. Most of the people were masked…as were we!!!! But these were festive masks. There were many men with fancy dresses on…and of course, someone yelling through a bull horn.

We went to the Templo Mayor archeology site but it was not open on this day. There were people in native dress doing dances and performing some kind of cleansing ritual with waving a smoky branch all over the willing couple and then blowing a conch shell.

Rob wanted to sit down on this chair but it was too hot.
Our menu was accessed by a QR code. I think that we will skip the beans!!!
They bring a little table level coat rack to your table in order to hang up your backpacks and hats.
Yummy guacamole with tortillas served in a gourd.
I don’t really care for lemons in my water so I found this blackberry to be refreshing.
Our table overlooking the Plaza de Santa Domingo

Next, we walked to view the famous mural painted by Diego Rivera.

It miraculously survived the 1985 earthquake but had to be moved.
I don’t know what this game is but they asked if I wanted to play. I took a picture instead. I love how people “do life” out in public. I am thinking about taking a game out on the boardwalk.
Any guesses? It’s a portable shoe shine stand.

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