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Wednesday, March 11: Day 324 – Enhanced Camping

We wondered if what we are doing is considered “glamping”. Jono said that he doesn’t think so. He likes to call it enhanced camping. He started us off at the trailhead and drove ahead to meet us with snacks and water. And at dark he had our dinner prepared and tents with sleeping bags ready to go. Turn down service??

I can’t say that I slept that well in my sleeping bag since my arms were trapped. I looked like a large maggot…but I was warm.

Here is the view awaiting me outside the tent at the campsite.

Yes, that is a koala in the tree.

Bring it on home as we embarked upon the final day of our hike.

There is a cinnamon rot that hikers carry in on their boots. We were asked to brush off our boots and then immerse in a sanitizing solution.

Then only walk on the provided boards.

The waves of white are powerful. Jono says that in the winter, the crashes are so powerful that they are scary. Most drownings are foreigners who don’t respect that. Also, unexpected rouge waves kill those who fish from rocks. It is VERY risky to fish from the rocks.

The last mile we took off our boots and walked through the sand.

Then we drove to the famous Twelve Apostles.

Jono finished the day by taking us on a short loop hike through a temperate rain forest called Melba Gulley. At one time it all looked like this until the people turned the land into dairy farms.

What a fun time! “Our dogs are barking,” and Jono literally dropped us off at the door of the Holiday Inn later that evening. We didn’t fall asleep on the long ride home, but sleep came quickly to our tired old bones!!

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