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Thursday, March 5: Day 318 – Delays

Time to leave the Big Red Center of Australia. We got up early, donned our fly nets and waited for our bus to the airport.

Once there, we received word that our flight was delayed due to torrential rain storms in Melbourne where our flight originated.

Uluru has a VERY small airport, one that isn’t used to busloads of people. While we were waiting, another busload arrived, then another!! It was standing room only. Take a close look.

What does one do while waiting?

Even masks can’t stop a makeout session for these two lovebirds!!

Our flight was finally called, but everyone waiting thinks that it is their flight, and they rush the ticket taker!! We pushed our way through and scuttled across the tarmac.

Our seats on Jetstar were on the next to the last row. One had to pay for everything so the flight attendants had nothing to do. They had a very loud gab session behind us. Their bawdy laughter was very unprofessional.

Once in Melbourne we bought a ticket from Sky Bus to get to the center of the city. It comes every 30 minutes, and the last one left two minutes before. It is raining so we go inside to wait.

Once on the bus to the city, we marveled at all the tall buildings. A metropolitan city is a shock after being in the barren desert. Once we are settled in at our hotel, we ventured out to eat. I was starving!

We decided on a nearby highly-rated Mexican food place. I ordered nachos with guacamole. Rob’s tacos came, and he finished. I finally inquired as it didn’t seem like nachos should take so long.

Once they came, I ate too fast which did not sit well for the rest of the evening and through the night. Note to self: eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and lay down your fork (or chip in this case), even if starving.

Rob was considering a play while in Melbourne. He came across Menopause the Musical. How funny!!

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