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Tuesday, February 25: Day 309 – Just The Fax

We have one day to explore Darwin which is known as the capital of the Top End of the Northern Territory (NT). We opted for museums, but first we needed to send the fax.

Just the Fax

Rob continued his quest of dealing with his now notarized document. He indicated to me that this would be the easy part. I was a little skeptical.

First of all, it is VERY hot. We walked to the post office. The post office said that it would cost $10/page for an international fax. Rob had two pages. They suggested that Rob go to the library. I thought Rob should just pay and be done with it.

It is hotter. We walked to the library. It was closed for upgrading. There were people in there. A woman came out so I asked her if we could at least come in and fax something. “No.”

The library was part of a city building so we inquired if there was a fax machine somewhere else in the building. She called the library and they said that they no longer had a fax machine. Try the post office.

It is hotter still. We walked back to the post office. They could not figure out how to send it internationally. They went into the back room and were punching all types of numbers even though Rob told them exactly how to send it. I think that this must have been a first time of sending an international fax. Anyway, they handed it back to Rob.

It is super hot. We walked to a copy center. She told us that when their fax machine broke, they didn’t replace it since no one sends faxes anymore.

We walked a few more blocks to the Hilton Hotel. They could email it, but they didn’t have a fax.

Rob gave up but came up with a different plan. He decided to email it to a former colleague who would then fax it to the correct company. Fortunately, this worked. I will keep you posted as to whether this document arrived was and duly processed by the receiver.

There were two times that Darwin was destroyed – in WWII during the bombing raids by the Japanese on February 19, 1942, one of the numerous Pacific bombing raids of which Pearl Harbor was one – and Cyclone Tracy on December 25, 1974.

Defense of Darwin

Just the Facts

  • 188 Japanese aircraft attacked Darwin at 9:58am on 19 February 1942; 54 aircraft attacked in a second raid at 11:45am.
  • 235 people were killed in the first two raids of the first day. Half of them were Americans aboard the USS Peary.
  • The Northern Territory was raided 64 times, and the Top End of Australia over 107 times.
  • 1,672 people lost their lives in WWII operations across Northern Australia.
  • Darwin was attacked by submarines in the month before the aircraft carrier attacks.
  • One 80-man submarine still lies outside Darwin Harbour today.
  • President Obama came here during his presidency and spoke of our shared experiences of being bombed by the Japanese in WWII.

Australians wore a slough hat which has one side of the brim tucked up onto the hat. Aussie soldiers are called diggers ever since WWI.

The good luck flag was carried by Japanese pilot bombers.

The flag was signed by family and friends with good wishes. The flag is rolled up and tucked inside the flying jacket across the heart for strength and fortune in battle.

Rob and I thought that these were interesting companion posters. The top one is how the US and its Allies viewed WWII.

The second is how the Japanese viewed WWII.

The veteran who started this museum said this, “If you believe in something, it is your wonderful burden to care for it.” Amen to that.

Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory

There is a giant stuffed male crocodile named Sweetheart on display. He was very popular but not with fishermen. Sweetheart hated the sound of an outboard motor and would chomp them off the boats.

It was decided that he needed to be moved due to his aggression toward boats, but in the process of moving him he drowned. It was decided to stuff him and put him on display. I guess his misfortune is our good fortune.

We wanted to experience a dark sound room of a recording of Cyclone Tracy that hit Darwin early on Christmas morning in 1974. It was scary!!

Darwin was literally wiped out due to the devastating winds on flimsy post-WWII housing structures. Here are before and after pictures:

There was an exhibit called the moon and stars that had exhibits about these nightlights and their effect on the earth and life on Earth.

Gali Yalkarriwuy GURRUWIWI of the Galpu people created this painting of the Magi following the Star of Bethlehem.

“This is a Christmas story for all the Christians in the world. I make this story to remind people of the story.

What’s this Banumbirr (Morning Star). Look. The big star is working miracles and is baby Jesus. Every church knows this story.”

Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi grew up on Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island) in the 1950’s which at the time was run by Methodist missionaries. At first deeply troubled by the differences between Christian teaching and Yolnu beliefs, he found common ground in Banumbirr – the Morning Star. It is an important star to Yolngu people and he sees it as a unifying symbol.

Linger Longer is time lapsed video of cool scenes. My favorite is the time lapse of snails climbing up a branch. Watch the video here:

If you are getting this as an email, you will need to go to the web version to access the video.

We went out to eat at a well-reviewed restaurant called Tim’s Surf and Turf. The unique ordering process uses a slip where one checks the box of what you want to eat, then you stand in line at the bar with your slip to get your drinks, and then pay for everything.

While Rob is standing in the really long line to turn in our order, he gets an email telling us that our train departure tomorrow, The Ghan, will be delayed for a day as some of the track is underwater due to Cyclone Esther. This throws Rob into a flurry of activity canceling hotel rooms and rescheduling flights on the other end.

My concern is that it may be delayed again and heavy rains are in the forecast.

One thing is that I will get the chance to get a haircut here in Darwin.

The train company will pay for another night at the Hilton hotel plus meals. This is very generous for 200+ passengers.

With an extra night upon us, we watch a few movies on the television.

Murder By Numbers (2002) a psychological thriller starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling.

Spy Game (2001) an American spy movie starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt.

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