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Thursday, February 20: Day 304 – Quokka

Perth was established in 1829. It currently has a population of just under 2 million. It is the most isolated major city in the world. Perth is the capital of Western Australia which is one third of Australia with 80% of the population living in Perth.

Kings Park in Perth is the largest urban park in the world which is greater than Central Park at 1,000 acres.

Perth has the highest number of boats per capita as one person out of three has a boat. It is very windy here. Chicago is considered to be the windiest city in the world, but people say that it due to the politicians.

There are cargo ships, cruise ships and even sheep ships. The sheep ships are headed for the Middle East and resemble floating feed lots. This is a picture of a large cargo ship.

The Swan River used to be called the Black Swan River. The black swan is indigenous to the area. The Black Swan is a bottom feeder yet it can only stretch as far as its neck allows.

This is an attractive trash can and reminder to recycle single use plastics.

We catch a boat ride to Rottnest Island in order to glimpse the quokka that is only found there. It is known as the happiest animal in the world since it smiles. The name rhymes with Wacha. Apparently, it has no fear of humans so many adventure travelers take selfies with them. We will try our hand at this fad. By the way, the easiest way to spot a quokka is finding a congregation of people since they are all trying to get a selfie!!

Here is Rob’s quokka selfie. Not bad.

Selfies are not my forté and I really don’t like to get too close to wild animals.

Quokka’s Dark Side

Here is my selfie attempt:

Here is Rob taking a picture of me taking a selfie.

Here are a few more tries. I found a quokka that was sleeping, but even I can’t tell where he is. These guys are nocturnal.

I am in a good spot, but I don’t think that a butt shot of a quokka counts.

Getting better, but a sideshot doesn’t look natural for either one of us.

Here is my best one but this Italian guy photo bombed me and my quokka.

We decided to get some sandwiches for a picnic lunch during our bike ride around the island. Here is another entry into the weird sign category. Am I being encouraged to try this new sport of railroad track vaulting?

We found the perfect beach as did everyone else on the island.

Rob advertises for Coke. (I’m not sure why he still has his bike helmet on. Safety first!!)

I try to get in a small piece of shade.

I start to wonder what might live under this rock. Boom baby!!

A foot long black skink!

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