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Friday, February 14: Day 298 – Valentine’s Day Celebration

I asked Rob what special thing we were going to do to mark Valentine’s Day.

He said, “How about if I take you halfway around the world to Singapore where we will ride an elevator to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and have a fancy lunch overlooking the city. Then we will go to the ArtScience Museum, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and at dusk admire the Supertrees while on the the Skywalk. We will end the romantic night by reclining on the Supertree Grove lawn, hold hands and listen to the sound and light concert called Rhapsody.

“Works for me!” ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

This 3-building hotel is a unique addition to the Singapore skyline. (It was used for an elaborate party in the movie Crazy Rich Asians).

We purchased tickets to eat lunch at the posh restaurant at the top. I had shrimp stuffed with pomelo with caramelized sugar on top.Rob had a Valentine’s special with sea bass. It was tiny! I gave him one of my shrimp!!

Across the top of the building, a long swimming pool connects the three hotels. One can only swim in the pool if one is staying in the hotel.
I guess that you must drive one of these cars to stay in the hotel.The views are outstanding.

Here is a view of the Gardens by the Bay. On the left is the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest which houses a five-story waterfall. These are basically giant greenhouses. The Supertree Grove is in the middle. More pictures to come of these venues.

Look at all the ships in the harbor. It seemed like wartime.

ArtScience Museum

This was a very unusually shaped building. It kind of reminded me of the Sydney Opera House but shaped like a flower.

On the way there, we posed for a picture in front of the Double Helix Bridge.

Inside the museum, we colored a picture of an aquatic animal along with everyone else. Then you scan the picture and it swims around on the screen. Can you see the fish that Rob made in the upper left hand corner? It has his name on it.

Next stop was in a mirrored room where strands of LED lights hung from the ceiling. Do you see me in the middle taking a picture??
We are not sure about this game. The toddlers seem to figure it out.

Gardens by the Bay


This was a strange grouping of metal sculptures where parts of the man and woman were missing.

Cloud Forest



A light and sound show finished off an amazing night.

Our 35th anniversary is in two days on February 16. I always told Rob if he didn’t deliver a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration of our love that he could redeem himself on our anniversary.

He delivered today!! ❤️❤️❤️

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