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Wednesday, February 12: Day 296 – Singapore

We always check the weather as we are in the shoulder season where rain might be likely.

Rob bought tickets for a bumboat to cruise along the Singapore River to Marina Bay to view all the unusual architecture for which Singapore is known.

I wanted to know what a bumboat was. Rob said that it is like a hop on/hop off boat except you don’t hop on or hop off. Isn’t that just a boat ride??

And maybe it is called a bumboat because one rides the boat while sitting on one’s bum.

We saw Riverside Village which was the seedy part of town but now boasts fine restaurants and other businesses. I guess that gentrification is a world-wide phenomenon.

Hawkers used push carts along Boat Quay. The Chinese lived only on the south side. This side foretold prosperity. These buildings have varying roof heights which is an indicator of wealth. The higher the roof the wealthier the owner. Indians lived on the north side.

We pass by Fort Canning which is famous for being the highest spot in Singapore. In the days of the kings of Singapore, it was referred to as the Forbidden Hill. No one was allowed to go there. It was also the site of the command center during the famous Battle of Singapore.

This six-story building was initially called a skyscraper when it was built. It served as a police station at one time.

Merlion is the symbol of the city of Singapore. It is half lion and half merman.

We arrived in Marina Bay. Here is a picture of a bumboat in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It was one of the locations in the movie, Crazy Rich Asians. We will visit it on Friday. On the left is the ArtSience Museum.

The skies were announcing rain so we decided to go to the movies. We were eager to see the foreign film, Parasite, that had just won the Oscar for the Best Movie. Rob is my Oscar and here is my Best Picture Award. He didn’t take it sitting down…or maybe he did.

We stood in a slow line to gain access to the theatre. It turned out that they were taking everyone’s temperature and a cell phone photo. When we were done and approved, they put a green dot on our shoulder.

Parasite was a tale that had one on the edge of one’s seat wondering what might happen next. Unpredictable! I, for one, did not think that the acting was all that good but the plot is an interesting one.

After the movie, we went to the very crowded Five Guys in the mall. It was very expensive. Two cheeseburgers, two milkshakes and regular fries. It cost $41. $$$ There were so many workers that Rob renamed it 25 guys!!

I guess that it is so expensive because you have to pay all the GUYS!!

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