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Tuesday, February 11: Day 295 – Déjà vu

Today is a travel day from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. The airline boards the plane in zones. Rob likes to board as soon as possible to make sure he has room in the overhead compartment for his large carry-on.

He jumps up and I ask him if they have called for zone 3. He said, “These people look like zone 3 people to me.”

“What does a zone 3 person look like?” I inquired.

After a pondering moment, he quipped,”Like us.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that so I joined him and we proceeded to the plane. We were just about to sit down in our seats when an announcement came over the airplane intercom.

Singapore has notified us that their airport is closed. I immediately thought of the growing coronavirus, but it turns out that they are having an air show.

Rob said, “Why can’t we be part of the air show?”

I can’t say that this has ever happened to me. Rob wondered why this information was just now communicated. It isn’t like they planned a last minute air show.

We waited for about an hour and a half and then reboarded. It was like deja vu.

I saw so many unusual signs.

This was a random one on the floor. I could not understand the reasoning.

All of the cigarette packages and cartons have very graphic pictures of what your future looks like if you choose to smoke. I know that these pictures would have an impact on me.

Someone in front of me was rejected due to size. Bigger is not always better.

The Priority Pass Lounge has jumped on the reduce trash bandwagon. I applaud their efforts. It all starts with a straw.

And next, not using plastic water bottles. This is the strongest message that I have ever seen… “save earth from destruction”.

This graphic on the seat pocket AirAsia instructions made me laugh. I have never before seen people in the water.

The airport bathroom has stopped using paper towels altogether. Evaporation is God’s hand dryer, but there was an electric dryer available as well.

We arrived in Singapore. I had heard that everything was very tidy and organized here. This was my first firsthand experience. The suitcases came down the luggage shoots all facing the same direction and evenly spaced. WOW!

We are using some of Rob’s Holiday Inn points to purchase the stay in Singapore. We are on the fifth floor. As we headed to our room, we saw a sign that said we are on the quiet floor. Hmmm. Why is there a quiet floor and why were we put on it? What are the names of some of the other floors? The party floor?

In fact, when the elevator arrives there is no sound. A light comes on indicating whether the elevator is going up or down. This one is going down. Rob and I have missed many an elevator as we are visiting and expecting a ding…but then again, we are on the quiet floor.

Good advice from one carnivore to another.

Here is a cute sign.

Another plea to think about single use paper products.

This is a winter coat. I hope it is warm. I could never fit this in my backpack. If I could hang it up, it would take up the entire coat closet.

I wasn’t sure if this is a queue or pointing out an I.Q. range.

Accuracy and precision are important. However, the height requirement on this sign was a head shaker.

Is 0.06m significant? The height needed is 1.06m or 3′ 5.7″.

I took this picture while we were walking around. This coffee shop is an exact replica of the coffee shop on the TV show Friends.

We walked around Singapore. It was raining. Rob slipped on the stairs while wearing his new waterproof hiking boots. Fortunately, he was holding my hand, and I was holding the handrail. That could have been a trip spoiler. Anyway, there was a rainbow at the end of the stairway!!

There is an excess of signage on the bathroom doors.

I know which one I would chose, but maybe there is an even better choice.

But maybe I will throw away my cane a.k.a. walking sticks and join this fun dance group.

Singapore is really sign happy. We saw this one on a brick walkway. How fast do these people walk, anyway?

Safety first.

Or maybe security is first because there is a gun involved. This sign would be outlawed in the USA.

Here is our room and its view. One of the walls is a window. It is a little like a fishbowl. We can see out, and they can see in. Across the way looks like a doll house.

I feel a little like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window or Shia LeBouf in Disturbia as I can see what my neighbors are doing. Fortunately, they were just fixing dinner.

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