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Saturday, February 8: Day 292 – Above All

I like Kuala Lumpur. The name means “muddy confluence” which is where two rivers meet. The locals call this modern city KL. It is full of tall skyscrapers with lots of green spaces.

We have not quite adjusted to the new time so our activities have been sparse. Our agenda mainly consisted of being able to leap tall buildings with a single elevator ride.

Our first stop was the famous Petronas Twin Towers. These monoliths are joined together with an observation deck. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones made this structure famous in the movie Entrapment.

And this is all the way to the top where we can see the other tower. The structure is based on an Islamic design.

At the base between the two towers is a large shopping center. Can you find Rob?

There is always a food court. I love hot dogs and Nathan is the name of our son-in-law so I felt this was the place to be.

Joey Chestnut is a competitive food eater and he has won the hot dog eating contest many times that is televised on ESPN every 4th of July. He currently holds the record at 71 hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes. Why????

I tried to learn some of the techniques used by these competitors.

  • Solomon Method is breaking each hot dog in half, eating the two halves at once, and then eating the bun.
  • Dunking is the most prominent method used today. Because buns absorb water, many contestants dunk the buns in water and squeeze them to make them easier to swallow, and slide down the throat more efficiently.
  • Carlene Pop – the competitor jumps up and down while eating, to force the food down to the stomach.
  • Buns & Roses – the eater sways from side to side.
  • Juliet-ing is a cheating method in which players simply throw the hot dog buns over their shoulders.

Here is a picture of one competition which is proudly displayed.

Next we go Menara KL Tower. I paused to admire this gigantic leaf that had fallen into the sidewalk.

Rob looks up at the tower.

The view is stunning. There is a skybox that you can walk out on and see the city beneath your feet. It makes me a little nervous with my “what ifs”. Rob is more of a daredevil as is evidenced by this picture.

And very soon, an even higher tower will be finished. In limbo, the question is “How low can you go?” I ask the question “How high can you go?” Could they be thinking that the sky is the limit which in reality is infinite??

When we bought tickets, seniors were also able to go to an aquarium and mini zoo at the base of the tower. We were tired, hot, and hungry but we could not pass up a free look-see. It turned out to be a favorite activity.

At every exhibit, we were able to feed the animals. The locals were greatly enjoying those exotic animals from North America called racoons!!!

We were more interested in the baby meerkats.

And the wallaby hiding under the bench.

These monkeys were eager to take a kernel of corn from our hands. Now you see it…now you don’t.

Here is a series of four pictures as this cockatoo got friendlier by the moment.

I wonder how old this turtle is? He has the “run” of the place! Ha!

And lastly, Rob has four sun conures eating out of his hand. It looks like a colorful singing group. You have heard of The Beatles. How about The Parrots. It has a nice Ring-o to it!!!

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