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Thursday, February 6: Day 290 – Mask Hysteria

Today we have three flights;

Raleigh to Minneapolis 2 hrs: Cold

Minneapolis to Seoul 12 hrs: Cool

Seoul to Kuala Lumpur 6 hrs: Hot

Add 11 of hours time change and we are getting the equivalent amount of sleep that the parents of a newborn are getting.

For those insomniacs out there who find it hard to sleep because of pain, stress, etc., my dear friend, Janel Hunt, told me about this sleep app called Insomnia Free: ICan Hypnosis. She is a remarkable person and friend who has gloriously and bravely survived two breast cancers. However, she has a continued struggle with lingering pain from her operations. This is a little discussed reality and result of breast cancers. Even the medical community doesn’t talk about it.

Anyway, she is a strong Christian and has tested and tried many ways of her dealing with chronic pain. I trust her recommendation for the app. I have an Android, and it seems that it is only available on iPhones. I was really looking forward to using it.

Janel is right. There are so many sleep apps out there, mostly bad ones. I am not sure that I would try just any of them.

Janel is an amazing artist and just finished an assignment of wanderlust. She thought of me while she painted and asked my permission to name it Brenda, as I was her inspiration. Wow! I feel a little like Mona Lisa.

Here is another wanderlust one. I am not sure of its title.

Our Priority Pass Lounge experience in Minneapolis was unique. Check-in was upstairs in the Golf Shop. We were given a voucher for $15 each to order off the menu in the bar. I had French Toast and Rob had Srambled Eggs. Both of us had crisp bacon. We wanted those last tastes of the West.

When boarding our flight to Seoul, I met a 56-year-old man who is an aerospace engineer from Wichita, Kansas. (Much of my extended family hails from that area.) He was on his way to DaNang to propose marriage to a 39-year-old Vietnamese woman. They met on a website called Catholicmatch.com. He was not able to find a wife despite years of looking, and she is a very accomplished businesswoman who doesn’t fit the mold of a typical Vietnamese wife.

Karl showed me an engagement ring on a necklace. He didn’t want to lose it in checked luggage. We briefly discussed politics. He is an ardent Trump supporter. Further discussions indicated that he is a single issue voter: pro-life. He felt that Trump is the only president even moreso than Reagan who has not wavered from his campaign promises. I’ll admit that is rare.

My take is that the rise of President Trump was a result of YEARS of political correctness with politicians unable to accomplish much of anything except collect paychecks from us taxpayers. Do something!! Now we voters have someone who does things even if they might be wrong. Did we get what we wanted? Hmmm.

Enough about American politics. Rob and I are glad to be somewhat removed from the painful election cycle.

Moving on to movies. Here were my choices on all the flights:

Luce – an interesting, thought provoking movie. It stays with you for a long time. A rich character study about a couple who adopted a 10-year-old boy from a war-torn African country.

Yesterday – I had started this movie on another flight and now had a chance to finish this cute love story based on music from The Beatles. The soundtrack from this movie had to be a big seller and perhaps the motivation for making this movie.

Crazy Rich Asians – both Rob and I watched this because we heard that it was set in Singapore, our next destination. Come to find out, it was mostly filmed in Malaysia.

Tolkien – I enjoy biographies about great people. Tolkien was an orphan who formed a bond with other young men at a boarding school prior to WWI. Many of the war scenes were more graphic than 1917.

Babies – This was a documentary about dangers to early crawlers. They don’t sense danger during the first weeks of crawling but after 2-3 weeks will not crawl over raised plexiglass. It was interesting for about 15 minutes, but I started to doze off. The babies were cute like Lucy.

Overcomer – I love films that encourage my faith in Christ. This was a great one and moved me to tears on many occasions. I highly recommend it.

Solitaire – This is not a movie but a game. I was able to win twice but wasn’t able to record it on a leaderboard so I soon was looking for something else to pass the time.

The Farewell – I started this film but was getting sleepy. There was a lot of Korean spoken and I had to read English subtitles. I lay down with head phones on as it has an amazing ability to make me drowzy.

Here are Rob’s selections:
Meeting Gorbachev, Pavarotti, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

This upbeat safety video on Korean Air is based on music by a popular boy band. It held my attention as these guys can dance! Let’s Go Everywhere.

There is “mask” hysteria in this part of the world. I think that we were the only ones on the flight that were not wearing them. It felt a little awkward as people stared at us as we were the odd ones out.

Face masks have often been used in Asian countries before now. I found this interesting article follows its origin and history.

Face Mask History

Today people who aren’t wearing masks are starting to be singled out as a threat to public health safety. Read this news release from Thailand.

Face Mask Today

By the way, the flight was fairly empty.

We couldn’t understand the flight attendants when they were giving us food choices since masks muffle words. This is the way that all the flight attendants looked.

At the end of the flight, an announcement was made that a harmless disinfectant mist would be sprayed for 30 seconds to control small insects. We were to remain in our seats.

We thought that it would come through the air conditioner. What resulted was the flight attendants coming down the aisles randomly spraying aerosol from side to side like air freshener. It didn’t seem very effective, but we used our pillows to mask the coming aerosol.

A trip to the bathroom is always an education. Read these instructions about an “epic performance” while in the bathroom stall in the airport.

I took a double take as this girl had her emotional support stuffed animal watching her wash her hands!!

Most group travelers wear a certain color in order to stay together such as yellow hoodies, blue polo shirts, or red baseball caps. Several groups even wore sashes. Maybe because hoodies, shirts and ball caps aren’t possible for some styles of dress. Here is a women who assists people in the airport.

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