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Wednesday, February 5: Day 289 – Tears

I am not great at social media and am sporadic at best on Facebook. My daughters tried to help me years ago. We looked up Toby Mac, and I decided to be his friend. Wow! Just think to be friends with Toby Mac, Christian rapper.

I thought that we were Facebook friends, but my daughter said actually we weren’t friends!! (I have since learned that I am only following him which in my mind is creepy. Let’s be friends instead of stalker/stalkee!)

I love his music. I love what he believes. I love how he lives out his faith whether it is through music or through his life. He celebrates and lives a life surrounded by diversity of culture. I am a fan of the man who points to THE MAN!

My daughter, Amy, and I have gone to see him before when he was at a festival. However, she bought tickets for us to see his show when I return in May from this trip.

While looking up the concert start time, I ran across several one-line questions on my Google search that asked about the death of his son. My heart broke as I read more about the overdose of his 21-year-old son. How could Toby ever sing again!!!

Every parent realizes how precious the life of a child is. Here is a song that he wrote during his grieving period. I cried, and you will, too.

Today is the last day to spend with Lucy. Tears were shed by all. It is hard to leave but we’ll be back, and she will have grown so much. We are already making a list of things to do when we return!

What great timing our trip was! A few days to get over jet lag, a few day to spend with Donna during her last days of pregnancy, a few days for the birth and time in the hospital, and a few days adjusting to home for the family. It went too fast but was so fun.

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