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Monday, February 3: Day 287 – New Information

Sometimes people think that I can handle most baby situations since I had four daughters of which three were triplets. Rob and I are struggling to remember all that we knew when we were the “experts”.

However, it doesn’t really matter since most everything has changed anyway!

Let’s start with changing tables. That is no longer useful as it is safer to change babies on the floor. Well, it sure isn’t safer for Grandma to change on the floor! I usually crawl on my bony knees to the couch lest I stumble and fall.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) used to be called crib death. It is certainly on the mind of every parent of a newborn. When we were new parents, they thought that the baby should sleep on its side. We had three triangular wedges to accomplish that with the triplets. Today, you put them on their back. We were always concerned that our babies would choke on their spit-up.

Breastfeeding has always been important, but today there are numerous lactation consultants before and after delivery. Also, they are on call for any concerns that you might have. It is great to have so much encouragement and support.

I had never heard of the term, cluster feeding. At first, I thought that all of us were involved. Yikes! I don’t have the proper equipment. Actually, we were all involved as this occurs on the third night and the baby nurses nonstop. Donna was exhausted!! And I was too! Fortunately, it lasts for a short time.

Next my son-in-law Nathan was telling me about the 4th Trimester. This sounded like a dimension from The Twilight Zone. Has pregnancy changed that much that we have added or divided up the gestation period? Thankfully, he informed me that since babies are not quite done, it is the maturation process after birth.

Hmmm. So when do these trimesters end? Development is a lifelong process. That would mean I am in my 192nd trimester. What would be my milestones? Able to sleep through the night? Actually that would have been in my 4th trimester, but it has reared its ugly head again!!! I wanna sleep like a baby….maybe I am clustering and just need to get up and drink a glass of milk! Ha!

Ovia App can be downloaded from the Play Store. It gives lots of up-to-date motherly advice as well as keeps track of diaper changes and has a breastfeeding timer and tracker. This high tech digital app records data which renders the paper and pencil useless.

The best part of observing this deluge of information is seeing my daughter embrace the role of baby expert. With each day, her confidence grows, and she has become assertive with her requests. She says, “Jump.” We say, “How high?”

No time to mince words.

“This is what I need.”

“This is what Lucy needs.”

Donna is a model mother and hopes to be a resource for her sisters in the future. She is amazing!!

Watch this two-minute advertisement and see how fast a baby grows:

Here are some words that I came across that I am pondering in the wee hours of the morning. Oh I got words!!


1) a person who goes off or travels around in search of amusement, fun or adventure.

2) a person who leaves his job and travels around the world in search of fun and adventure

3) Rob

Drifter – a person who is continually traveling without a home or job.

Synonyms: vagrant, tramp, hobo, vagabond, Rob

Explorer – one who travels in search of knowledge. For example, Rob

Nomad – a person who does not stay long in the same place.

Synonyms: wanderer, itinerant, Rob

Perpetual traveler – a traveler or migrant who is not considered a legal resident of any country. For example, Rob.

Showman – a person involved in funfairs and the like. Rob sure is fun so this describes him for sure.

Tourist – a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. For example, Rob.

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