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Wednesday, January 29: Day 282 – Kansas Day

While growing up in Kansas, my family always marked the day with a celebration on the day that Kansas became a state. I was shocked to learn that other states don’t do that…or that even some families in Kansas don’t participate in the event.

Whenever I moved to a new state such as Virginia, I would ask, “When is Virginia day?” People would be perplexed. I would further explain that it is the day that their state become a state.

Again blank stares.

Even though my children were all born in Virginia and grew up in Ohio, we would celebrate this day by baking a rectangular sheet cake and break off the top right corner to simulate the shape of the state.

The cake would be iced and decorated with sunflowers, the cheerful, ubiquitous yellow state flower. We would know how old Kansas was. Today it is her 159th birthday. We would then be quizzed in all types of trivia questions about Kansas.

Kansas Trivia

I would say that my children are quite the experts on this annual test and if ever they were on Jeopardy and the category was Kansas, I feel sure that they would win that round.

At some point during the day, we would sing the state song, Home on the Range.

My cousin, Donna Norden Dudley, was born on Kansas Day as was her granddaughter.

I bring this up, not only to share this timely information, but to let you know that each family member picked their best guess for the day that Donna and Nathan’s baby will arrive. Of course, I chose Kansas Day. (Stewart, my father, wanted it as well but I had the advantage of digital access and beat him to it.)

Amy Street, Donna’s sister arrived this morning.

Her job allows her to work remotely.

She really wanted to be here prior to the birth of the baby. Amy wanted to feel Donna’s large belly and experience the baby moving and was afraid that the baby would get here before she did.


No baby for Kansas Day!!

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