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Tuesday, January 28: Day 281 – Lady in Waiting

Donna, which means “Lady”, was waking up in the night as she is starting to feel contractions. I was going to treat her to a pedicure, and she said that we should wait to see how today developed.

While Rob was out running errands, I fixed some artichokes and ended up ruining the pan. I was trying to steam them but ended up cooking all the water off. I was thankful that I didn’t start a fire.

The kitchen is cute but hard to find counter space. This has me making weird decisions about where and how to prepare meals.

Donna texted me to come over to visit. Her contractions were irregular, and she was able to talk through them. We did a quick photo shoot.

After about an hour she decided that we might as well go get that pedicure. She hadn’t seen her toes in a while!! Also, it will help the time to pass.

I did not get one, but they let me sit down next to her in a “luxury massage” chair. It was great but not a substitute for the real deal.

The beautician said that due to reflexology she can massage Donna’s Achilles tendon that it would bring on labor. Really? Well, bring it on!!

Afterwards, we went for yummy ice cream.

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