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Saturday, January 25: Day 278 – In Limbo

Rob has conjunctivitis aka pink eye! Since this is highly contagious, the quarantine in North Carolina continues.

Prior to this urgent care diagnosis, we had spoken with Donna and Nathan via Skype and were planning to come to their house for dinner.

Ironically, a person who had been exposed to the coronavirus area in China was on the same plane that we were on. Apparently, he was wearing a mask. I don’t recall seeing anyone around us with a mask on. However, the air in an airplane is circulated. Another reason to stay away.

Possible Coronavirus Carrier on Our Flight

An update confirmed that this person did not have the virus. PHEW!!

Rob took a nap and when he woke up, it was apparent that we needed to go to urgent care. It didn’t take long. We commented that it was so fortunate for us to be in the USA to seek out medical care. Locations and translation would have been more difficult and time consuming if we were in a foreign country.

I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. I needed a few ingredients so I walked to a local store. It was a full size store. It was cool that the music playing was Spanish. Despite shoppers of many ethnicities, this store is run by Spanish speaking people. It seemed like the Hispanic aisle might someday be replaced by something else!!

How cool! I felt like I was in yet another country. It was better stocked than the larger Harris Teeter that we had driven to yesterday.

I keep forgetting to bring my own bags whether they are plastic, cotton or my backpack. Old habits are hard to change…but I will adopt habits that are better for me and my world. I didn’t realize that much of our trash is sent to poor countries. Also, we Americans don’t have to live among our trash because our country is so vast. And we are the biggest producer of trash. How things would change if our trash was in our front yards to be seen everyday!

I will embrace this quote, “In the future, I want to be remembered for who I was, and not for the trash that I left behind.”

On my walk I saw this familiar site.

A North Carolinian had planted bamboo to make a fence of sorts.

What’s this?

It looked like a spirit house but is actually a Little Free Library where people can put in and take out books. Maybe someday all the little spirit houses in Southeast Asia will be used in this way.

Now here is an example same same but different. Animists sacrifice a water buffalo at the end of the harvest and save the head, mostly horns, in the gathering house. Here a deer head is mounted on the wall of our home away from home away from home!!!

I am not sure where this tradition came from, but there is no religious significance to it, I don’t think…maybe there was at one time in the Anglo-Saxon history??? Hmm.

I am certain that one of my Southeast Asian friends would ask me why this deer head is on the wall so I decided that I need to do some research to truly answer this question.

I really couldn’t find much on this topic, and feel that I might be sharing ignorance with ignorance, but popular opinion suggests that it was originally to show dominance over nature, and perhaps to demonstrate to a potential wife that he could provide for and protect her.

All is not lost as I learned a new word. Atavism is a tendency to revert to something ancient or ancestral.

Here is a great quote from Ellen Degeneres. “I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it is such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.”

I made chocolate chip cookies. Wow! We sure do love the taste of cookie dough.

We watched TV. We are definitely out of touch as we can barely understand how to use the Smart TV. Maybe one needs a degree to operate this piece of machinery!!!

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