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Thursday, January 16: Day 269 – Hmmmm

While in Mae Sot, we decided to go out for pizza. It was about a 15-minute walk through back roads. These are the most fun as you are able to witness daily or in this case nightly life.

The feature picture advertises the billiard game of Snooker. I haven’t seen one of those in 30 years. My brother Russ was pretty good at Snooker.

Here is the laundromat. They are all outdoors.

Every 25 feet or so, there are holes in the cement. I am assuming that these come in real handy during the rainy season.

Dogs laying in the street are not uncommon and they don’t even flinch when a car passes by.

We arrive at the pizza place and were amused by the name.

We ordered a pizza with extra cheese because they really don’t get Americans’ love affair with cheese. It was pretty good. We were the only ones in there.

The music was not only familiar tunes from the West, they were retro as promised: Carol King, The Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary, etc. I wonder if they ever play Retro Thai based on their clientele.

One lunch we had KFC. I have decided that Westerners have an additional love affair with trash. We make A LOT of it. It seems that fast foods equate to heaps of trash!!

Thailand has banned the use of plastic bags at least in the stores and grocery stores. I like this idea of reusing corrugated boxes. I saw people putting in boxes and taking out boxes.

We asked the hotel to call us a taxi to the bus station. She said that it would cost 100 Thai baht which is about $3. When the cabbie arrived, Rob asked how much it would be. Rob didn’t hear so well but the man said 60. Rob said no, that the lady said 100. The man laughed and said OK and away we went.

We needed to buy bus tickets to Phitsanulok where we will then catch a train. It was a double decker.

Rob wanted to get a seat on the lower level but the only ones left were by the bathroom. No thanks! Lots of traffic and smells, and that is if the toilet is functioning properly.

The only other seats were on the top level at the very back. Sign me up! Rob thought that I might get carsick. We waited with the rest of the bus people. The bus terminal toilets had no water to flush or wash hands. I am very happy about our bus seating decision.

When we boarded the bus, we walked up the staircase, and headed toward our assigned seats. The seats were elevated like we were royalty. My feet didn’t even touch the ground. Fear not as I had a leg rest to prop my legs up. We had a full row for legroom since we were near the emergency exit.

The “bus attendant” brought us blankets, bottled water and chocolate chip cookies. WOW! Maybe we ARE royalty! It was four hours to Phitsanulok.

We taxied to the hotel and had a quick night of sleep so we could catch the early morning local train to Chiang Mai.


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