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Friday, January 17: Day 270 – Broke

This is an emergency post!!

My father, Stewart Boone, 95, fell and broke his femur while making his bed. This happened on Thursday morning while I was sleeping in Phitsanulok, Thailand on my Thursday evening.

I am writing this post on MY Friday morning and talking to Amy on her Thursday night. It is all very confusing and makes communicating across the world a challenge.

I know that this post goes out to family and friends who care about us and our families so I thought that this would be the best way to let everyone know and initiate prayer and prayer chains!

We woke up to the news from my daughter, Amy, who lives in Cincinnati and keeps a watchful eye on her Grandpa. Although still jet lagged from her time in Southeast Asia, she is handling all the details with great diligence. We call her Amazing Amy and everyone knows why!!! Our family is blessed by her.

I am riding on a noisy, crowded train in third class and it is full of school children…standing room only.

They don’t have school buses, but they obviously have school trains. We even had to change trains and everyone was jockeying for seats on the next train.

It is hard to be far away. We knew that medical issues were a possibility when we left for this trip due to Stewart’s advanced age, but he is in remarkably good health otherwise. I accused him of doing anything to get me to visit him! He is in some pain but not so much since he is already asking nurses for dates!

His surgery is sometime on Friday, but he is on standby so I don’t have a time. Please pray for a surgery slot, well rested medical team, no surgical complications and a smooth and quick recovery. Also, pray that all that are providing care for Him realize that he still has a lot of life in him…even though it appears that he is on his last leg!!! Pun intended.

Also, big prayers for Amy to keep things together while juggling work, school and apartment hunting.

Since this is a family update post, I am including a collage I made of the family that I wanted to send at Christmas but needed some tech assistance. Adobe Photoshop Express App made it easy.

Donna and Nathan in the upper left are expecting a baby girl to arrive any minute. Her due date is January 26.

Stewart and Julie on the upper right were together for Christmas and took this shot. He gave Julie’s boyfriend’s family a trumpet concert. Julie enjoyed many relaxing massages while visiting us in Thailand. She will continue to coach at University of Indianapolis for another year. We plan to be at as many volleyball matches as possible.

Stewart?? Well, we know what HE has being doing????

On the lower left is Rob and me while in Cambodia. We will take a quick trip to NC in a few days to meet our first grandchild. We will resume our around-the-world trip and then return home on May Day, May Day!! We plan to live in Virginia Beach once we are stateside.

Next is Amy who took a month to travel in Vietnam and then joined us in Thailand. A highlight was traveling over the mountain pass from Hue to Hoi An on motorcycle…as a passenger.

And in the lower right, William and Elle were spending the holidays with William’s family in South Carolina but in January found some time off from Buskey Cider to do some traveling. They came to Thailand to visit us and then went to Myanmar for a few days.

Thank you for your prayers for my family. I will keep you posted by posting updates.

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