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Monday, January 13: Day 266 – Hats Off

Amy left on a midnight flight. She offered to take some things home to Cincinnati that we don’t need.

Well, I have been gingerly carrying this nonla, or Vietnamese conical hat, for about three months. I either wore it because my hands were full or held it. It cannot be put in an overhead bin on an airline flight. If it is stored in the luggage area of a hotel, it has to be put on the highest rack so that no one will inadvertently or advertently crush it.

I wasn’t sure if Amy would remember that she had it if it was out of sight. It only cost $3, but I want to use it for a lampshade when I get back home since it has a shadow pattern embedded in it like none other that I have ever seen. Amy said that she would try her best to get it home safely.

Many people especially parents and grandparents have heard of Flat Stanley. One is to take pictures of Flat Stanley while on an adventure so that children and others can learn of their adventures…kind of like a personalized Where’s Waldo?.

We decided that taking pictures would help Amy remember that she had the burden of the hat. Without further delay, here is the saga of the traveling hat as told by the hat.

And we’re off! This is Amy and me at the Bangkok Airport. We make good traveling companions.

Here I am waiting for our flight to Seoul. I am little self conscious as my nationality (Vietnamese) and occupation are obvious to everyone.

Amy and I reflect on our trip while in Seoul.

I can morph into a little Vietnamese traveler waiting for the flight to Seoul, South Korea.

Amy has a Priority Pass and can bring one guest to join her in this elegant lounge. I am so glad that we are friends. We are in line for the buffet. Hopefully, they are serving bamboo shoots as I might recognize a relative!

I feel very safe in Amy’s lap. I am sure to sleep well, but I am a little worried about Amy.

Back in the USA. I hope that Amy and I go through security without incident. One time those dangling plastic sheets were pretty rough on me. They don’t let anyone wear a hat through the security scanner…as cute as I am.

Another flight. I can’t wait to see my new international home in the USA. I wonder if Amy’s friends will accept and embrace me as she has?

We are on a train in Chicago. What’s this? What’s snow? I was never meant to be a snow hat! Amy will keep me warm.

I am not sure but I think those ruffians are planning to come sit on me. AMY….where are you?

I like this. Even though Amy has held me in her loving arms for hours, I am able to have a seat of my very own…and a window seat as well. I wonder if the flight attendant will offer me a beverage?

We waited to be reunited with Amy’s checked bags at the airport in Covington, Kentucky. This is across the river from Cincinnati. It won’t be much longer.

Safe at last. We made it thanks to Amy’s vigilant care!!!

Apartment, Sweet Apartment!

Hats off to Amy. I will enjoy being her roommate until I am reunited with Brenda.

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